On Aug. 4, an information report was filed at a South Main Street location. According to reports, an officer said after he completed a possession of marijuana citation following a traffic stop, he located an AM-15 weapon in the trunk of the vehicle. The driver reported that the weapon belonged to a friend and suggested the officer take the weapon and hold it until the friend could retrieve the weapon.

On Aug. 8, a theft by taking complaint was filed at Goodwill, Eatonton Road. According to reports, a woman said while she was shopping for shoes, she left her purse near the shoe section. The woman said she left the shoe section and when she arrived at the counter, an employee told her another woman had turned in the purse. However, reports state, the woman said $1,400 in cash and a $662.50 check were missing from the purse.

On Aug. 7, Cosby Demeechi Winfrey, 34, Athens, was arrested and charged with simple battery and obstruction of law enforcement officers. According to reports, a woman at a Carriage Lane residence alleged that Winfrey punched her in the mouth. An officer noted that the woman had blood splatter on her T-shirt and EMS workers suggested that the woman needed stitches in her mouth. Officers reported that Winfrey was “very unsteady on his feet, spoke in a slurred manner…” Officers gave Winfrey an opportunity to get a ride from the scene but he “became somewhat belligerent and attempted to walk away…” He was then arrested.

On July 26, a theft by taking complaint was filed at the Red Roof Inn, Eatonton Road. According to reports, a manager alleged that an employee working the night shift used a hanger, scissors and another “item” to open the motel’s safe during a two-week period. On July 26, reports state, the employee allegedly took the night drop which totaled $1,031.23. The manager said he has attempted to call the employee several times with no response.

On Aug. 3, a theft by receiving stolen property complaint was filed at a Carmichael Drive residence. According to reports, a woman said a month ago, she cleaned out from under her bed and noticed that she was missing two hand guns. She said she thought she had placed the guns in her closet. She said last week she cleaned out her closet and realized the handguns were still missing. Both handguns are pistols.

On Aug. 8, William Allen Schlirf, 23, Leesville, S.C., was arrested and charged with possession with intent to distribute narcotics and speeding. According to reports, Schlirf was stopped for speeding (95 mph in a 70 mph zone) in the eastbound lane of Interstate 20 near the 115 mile marker. Reports state that consequent to the traffic stop at 1 a.m., an officer allegedly smelled marijuana coming from the vehicle. During a search of the vehicle, the officer allegedly found suspected Xanax pills, Alprazolam pills, Acid, THC vials, a small amount of marijuana, a grinder, many types of pipes and a bong.

On Aug. 2, an entering auto and criminal trespass complaint was filed at Pilot Truck Stop, Eatonton Road. According to reports, a man said someone shattered the passenger window of his tractor trailer rig, entered the rig and removed more than $1,400 worth of electronics from the truck. The man said he leaves the truck at the truck stop during weekends because he lives in Athens and can’t park his truck at his residence.

On July 25, a reckless conduct complaint was filed at an Interstate 20 eastbound location. According to reports, a woman alleged that 20 motorcyclists had surrounded her vehicle and were approaching the vehicle with bats. An officer made contact with the motorcyclists. While beginning to speak with the motorcyclists, the woman was told to wait for deputies at the 105 exit. The woman and her husband refused to speak with officers, however, and continued driving.

On July 26, an information report was filed at a Micha Way residence. According to reports, a woman alleged that a neighbor put a “ding” on her vehicle when the neighbor opened a car door. The woman said she did not see the neighbor hit her door but has since installed a surveillance camera.

On Aug. 2, a damage to property complaint was filed at Walmart, Eatonton Road. According to reports, a woman said after she walked out of Walmart, she noticed that her car was covered in mud and a small portion of her bumper had been broken. There were scratches on the vehicle, too. The complainant said the car did not have mud, bumper problems or scratches when she parked it there.

On Aug. 2, a theft by taking and criminal damage to property complaint was filed at Bohlen’s Garage, Fairgrounds Road. According to reports, an employee said he had recently discussed a stolen catalytic converter with a Madison Police Department officer. The employee said he now noticed that two catalytic converters had been stolen from the same truck, a white F150.

On Aug. 2, an entering auto complaint was filed at an East Washington Street residence. According to reports, a man said he left a black toiletry bag in a man’s truck while he and the man left the residence. When he returned, he said the bag, which contained a cell phone, wallet, driver’s license, keys, knife and various toiletries, was missing.

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