On Nov. 21, a terroristic threats and acts complaint was filed at Walmart, Eatonton Road. According to reports, a woman alleged that around 2 p.m. she was leaving Walmart when a man known to her stood in front of her vehicle, impeding her progress. She said the man made obscene gestures with his hand and tried to get her to exit the vehicle. The complainant said she has a sexual assault complaint pending against the man. An officer advised the complainant on how to file for a temporary protective order against the man.

On Nov. 8, Gregory Emmanuel Terrell, 36, Madison, was arrested and charged with shoplifting. According to reports, an employee at Golden Pantry, North Main Street, alleged that Terrell entered the store and left with multiple Busch Lite beers without paying for the beverages. An officer went to Terrell’s Pearl Street residence but did not locate him. However, later that same day, Terrell, reports state, returned to the Golden Pantry and tried to return three Busch Lite beers. After he was told police were on the way, reports state, Terrell took one of the beers back and started walking away from the store. Terrell was located with the beer not far from the store and was arrested and was criminally trespassed from the Golden Pantry for a year.

On Nov. 17, an entering auto complaint was filed at Carbliss, Eatonton Road. According to reports, an employee reported that someone entered a black Dodge Ram on the car lot and removed a touch screen radio. The plastic surrounding the radio was damaged and an officer found a pocket knife and pair of pliers in the vehicle. The radio is valued at $200.

On Nov. 21, a damaged property report was filed at a Billups Street residence. According to reports, a woman said while she was shopping at the Mall of Georgia, someone damaged her mailbox. An officer noted that the mailbox had been knocked off its post. The mailbox is valued at $50.


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