On Dec. 19, Sterling Marie Jenkins, 21, Rockledge, Fla., was arrested and charged with possession of marijuana. According to reports, a vehicle in which Jenkins was a passenger was stopped for allegedly traveling 81 mph on the Madison bypass near East Avenue. Consequent to a traffic stop, reports state, an officer noted a strong odor of raw marijuana coming from the vehicle. The officer questioned the driver and passengers regarding the source of the smell but received no response. The officer then requested a backup officer and when the second officer arrived, all occupants were removed from the vehicle and the vehicle was searched. The officer allegedly found a glass or plastic tube containing a suspected rolled marijuana cigarette and a driver’s license for Jenkins. Some previously smoked “blunts” were also found in a plastic bag along with a bronze grinder. Reports state that occupants in the vehicle did not want to identify Jenkins and, eventually, Jenkins came forward and was identified.

On Dec. 16, a theft by shoplifting complaint was filed at Ingles, Eatonton Road. According to reports, an employee alleged that a white male and a white female went through the store’s self checkout and scanned some items but not all items. The male left the store with all of the items. The female stayed behind and attempted to pay for some of the items with an EBT card which was declined because of lack of funds. The woman allegedly told a cashier that she knew she had enough money on the card for the items but she would go to the parking lot and return the items. The woman then left the store and assisted the man in loading the grocery items into a black GMC Acadia. An employee was able to get the Acadia’s license tag number and officers have been able to identify the woman. In total, $70 worth of items were taken.

On Dec. 25, a theft by taking complaint was filed at a Green Meadows Drive residence. According to reports, a woman alleged that a man known to her came to her house with bottle of alcohol to help her with a personal issue and placed the bottle on a table with the complainant’s 25 $1 bills. The complainant said when the man left she noticed the money was missing.

On Dec. 17, a criminal damage to property warrant was issued for Rodney Stovall, 46, Rutledge. According to reports, a woman alleged that Stovall ripped off the side mirror on her driver’s side door, ripped up her Christmas bonus check, bent a car key and bent one of the woman’s bracelets. The woman alleged that Stovall became enraged when she declined to go out with him for the evening.

On Dec. 19, an entering auto complaint was filed at a Pearl Street residence. According to reports, a man said someone entered his Mitsubishi Mirage and removed a Glock G32 .357 handgun from the driver’s side door pocket. The man said he had left his vehicle unlocked and the windows were rolled down.


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