On Nov. 14, a financial transaction card theft complaint was filed at Walmart, Eatonton Road. According to reports, an employee reported that the store had received a phone call from a woman who alleged someone had used her credit card to purchase a cell phone from Walmart for $322.92. The complainant told a deputy that she had lost her credit card at a gas station in Putnam County and that the card had also been used to make other purchases in another county. The Walmart employee was able to retrieve video of the cell phone purchase. In the video, reports state, two black females driving a black Lexus with a drive out tag entered the store and one woman gave the other woman the credit card to make the purchase.

On Nov. 11, Bonnie Victoria King, 37, Fayetteville, was arrested and charged with an outstanding warrant. According to reports, an officer was called at 3:45 a.m. to the Red Roof Inn, Eatonton Road regarding a domestic violence complaint. King told the officer that she and a man with whom she has had a romantic relationship for more than a month got into an argument. King told the officer she told the man she wanted to collect her belongings and leave but the man allegedly placed her belongings in a rental car the couple had and locked the car. The man returned to the room and alleged that King had been drinking. He also said he had placed her items in the vehicle in hopes that she would leave. He also denied striking King but alleged that King attempted to yank out a bag connected to his kidneys. The man also allegedly told the officer that he had abused his ex-wife but since the divorce he had “not once put his hands on another woman.” During the investigation into the allegations an officer learned that King was wanted for theft of a stolen vehicle in Fayette County.

On Nov. 15, an information report was filed at Kentucky Fried Chicken, Eatonton Road. According to reports, an officer responded to a panic alarm at the restaurant. An employee alleged that a customer had become irate and refused to leave the drive through lane. Reports state that an officer spoke to a woman who said that she had ordered meals that were supposed to include chicken wings. The woman said that after she had paid for the meals the cashier told her that there would be an 11 minute wait on the chicken wings. The woman said she requested that the chicken wings be replaced with an alternate cut of chicken but was told that alternate pieces would be more expensive. The woman said she refused to pay a higher amount and the cashier attempted to give her money back but the woman demanded food. She then alleged that the cashier threw a $20 bill and racial slurs at her and the woman demanded that charges be filed. An officer asked the woman’s husband, who was in the car, if he, too wanted to press charges but that man, reports state, appeared hesitant until the woman said, “Oh, he’s filing charges!” The KFC employee told the officer that she had appraised the woman of the wait time on the chicken wings prior to taking the couple’s money. She alleged that the woman asked for the wings to be replaced with chicken breasts and when told of the price difference the woman allegedly became “irate” and “began screaming and fussing.” The employee said the man, after he had received the couple’s money back, attempted to drive away but was ordered by the woman “not to move the vehicle.” The employee wanted to counter the woman’s charges with a charge of defamation of character.

On Nov. 17, Gregory Terrell, 36, Madison, was arrested and charged with theft by shoplifting. According to reports, Terrell walked out of Main Street Pantry, South Main Street, with a six pack of Busch Light valued at $5 under his shirt. An employee reported that she was able to retrieve the beer from Terrell before he left the store in a Camaro. On Nov. 18, Terrell was located at his residence on Pearl Street and was placed under arrest.

On Nov. 17, Tamika Terrell Waller, 44, Madison, was arrested and charged with two counts simple assault. According to reports, Waller told authorities as she was leaving the Quality Inn in her vehicle she allegedly heard someone yell at her. Waller said she pulled into the Kentucky Fried Chicken, Eatonton Road, where the yelling allegedly emanated from and then realized that someone had thrown something at her car. She then alleged that a woman was standing inside the KFC and tapping a screwdriver on the glass door in a menacing manner. Waller said she then retrieved a tire iron from her vehicle, walked up to the glass with the tire iron and then left. Two woman at the KFC alleged that Waller came to the restaurant and positioned her vehicle so that customers could not leave. She then, the women alleged, was demanding one of the women come outside. The woman agreed and walked outside where a verbal confrontation ensued that, reports state, eventually spilled to inside the restaurant. One of the women demanded that Waller leave the restaurant and reports state that after she did the woman locked the restaurant door and Waller returned and allegedly both pointed and waved the tire iron at the women through the glass door before leaving. Both Waller and her daughter were criminally trespassed from the restaurant.


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