On July 12, an information report was filed at an Academy Street residence. According to reports, a man alleged that someone had entered his detached garage office and taken both his and his wife’s Passport. Items in the office had been rummaged through. There was no sign of forced entry.

On July 4, an information report was filed at the parking lot of the Morgan County Primary School. According to reports, a woman alleged that she had been followed by several drones while going about her “daily routines and routes.” The woman said she had seen up to four drones following her throughout the city. She said she broke her routine and walked to the school. She said the drone had left just prior to the officer’s arrival. She also told the officer that she was sure who was behind the surveillance but would not tell the officer a name. She also showed her a cellphone video she shot purportedly of a drone following her but, reports state, the video is “blurry and unrecognizable.”

On July 8, a theft by deception complaint was filed at a Churchill Avenue residence. According to reports, a woman said she purchased a Kitchen-Aid stand mixer off Facebook Marketplace for $150. The woman said she paid the seller $150 via Venmo but has not received the mixer. She also said she has been in contact with the seller who has promised to refund her money but she has not received the money, yet.

On July 12, Khadijah Nykole Green, 33, Douglasville, was arrested and charged with reckless driving and speeding. According to reports, an officer alleged that he observed Green driving 111 mph in a 70 mph zone on Interstate 20. Consequent to a traffic stop, the officer noted Green had three juveniles in the vehicle.

On July 12, Matthew Blake Compton, 34, Madison, was arrested and charged with possession of marijuana. According to reports, an officer responding to a reckless driver complaint allegedly observed Compton driving a truck that matched the description and license tag of the reckless driver reported at exit 113 off Interstate 20 at 1:04 a.m. Consequent to the traffic stop, the officer allegedly observed a black pill-type container in the truck with the words Soul Assassin Cannabis written on a label on the bottle. The officer opened the bottle and suspected marijuana was allegedly in the bottle.

On July 2, an entering auto complaint was made at Ingles, Eatonton Road. According to reports, a woman said she took her break in her vehicle at 2:30 a.m. and at 4 a.m. she began getting alerts on her phone that someone was trying to take $104 three different times out of her account. The woman said she had placed her purse under the passenger seat of her vehicle and that the passenger side door of the vehicle does not lock.

On July 14, a financial transaction card fraud complaint was filed at Days Inn, Eatonton Road. According to reports, a woman alleged that her ex-boyfriend had been sending money from the woman’s PayPal account to the ex-boyfriend’s PayPal account. Transactions totaled $1,141, reports state.

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