On Nov. 14, a battery complaint was filed at an Orchard Grove, Micha Way location. According to reports, a man alleged that a woman hit him in the face. The man said he then “blacked out” and punched the woman in the face. The woman told deputies that she had not punched the man because her two children were watching. An officer noted that the woman had swollen eye. The woman said she did not want the man around her in the future.

On Nov. 13, a warrant for aggravated assault was issued against Jamisha Samone Allen, 40, Madison. According to reports, Allen allegedly drove her 14-year-old daughter to a Garnett Street residence in order to engage in combat with a 16-year-old female. When officers arrived more than 20 people were outside the residence “screaming and cussing at each other.” At some point during the altercation, reports state, Allen allegedly retrieved a baseball bat and began threatening the complainant and her child with the bat. A person in the crowd allegedly captured the threats on video and presented the video to police.

On Nov. 13, an information report was filed at Mako Bay carwash, Eatonton Road. According to reports, a woman alleged that while she ran her vehicle through the car wash a windshield wiper was damaged. An employee at the car wash reported that he observed video of the vehicle going through the car wash and it showed the windshield wipers operating while the vehicle was moving through the wash.

On Oct. 31, a simple battery complaint was filed at Walmart, Eatonton Road. According to reports, a woman said she and a man went into a vehicle in the parking lot during her lunch break and had some physical contact. The woman said she got out of the truck when she grew uncomfortable and went to her vehicle, entered the vehicle and locked the doors. The woman alleged that the man then attempted to get in the vehicle but left before officers arrived.

On Nov. 1, a counterfeit complaint was filed at Walmart, Eatonton Road. According to reports, an employee reported that someone had used three counterfeit $100 bills to purchase items at the store.

On Nov. 4, Deanarius Corey Carter, 34, Madison, was arrested and charged with giving false name to an officer, failure to report accident with an injury or damage, driving too fast for conditions, failure to maintain lane, driving while license suspended, DUI and possession of an alcohol container. According to reports, an officer responded to a complaint of a possible vehicle incident on Sulgrave Drive. The officer observed several citizens attempting to remove a vehicle from a ditch. The officer observed Carter behind the wheel of the vehicle and told him to move his vehicle out of the roadway and across the street to a parking lot. Carter allegedly drove down the road, instead, to a different parking lot. Carter told officers that he did not have a driver’s license and allegedly wrote two different names on the officer’s note pad with two different birthdates before scratching out both dates and names. He then allegedly told the officer he was 57 years old. An open Michelob Ultra beer was found in the vehicle. Officers also learned that Carter was wanted out of Walton County.

On Nov. 8, a burglary complaint was filed at Thrifty Mac, South Main Street. According to reports, an employee reported that at 2 a.m., two males wearing dark clothing entered the store through a broken glass door. The men then crawled to the back of the store and surveyed the shelves for medication. The men took one large bottle of muscle relaxers and fled the store after setting off an audible alarm.

On Nov. 7, a theft of lost or mislaid property complaint was filed at a Garnett Street location. According to reports, a man said he had placed his Taurus 9mm handgun on the roof of his Dodge Charger. The man said as he was backing out he heard something “bump” but had forgotten the weapon was on the roof of the car. The complainant said when he went back to retrieve the weapon he could not locate the pistol.


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