A Shady Dale man was allegedly beaten with a pipe after he confronted a truck driver in the Bojangles parking lot last Tuesday morning.

According to Madison Police Department reports, officers were dispatched to a fight in progress at Bojangles at 7:45 a.m. When they arrived, the Shady Dale man and the truck driver had both left the scene. Officers located the truck driver and his vehicle at the intersection of Greensboro Highway and U.S. 441.

Reports state that the Shady Dale man told officers that while he was driving through the parking lot, the truck driver was driving “very close” to the Shady Dale man’s vehicle. The Shady Dale man told officers “he became agitated” and decided to confront the truck driver. The man said he exited his vehicle and climbed up on the truck “and began to cuss” at the truck driver. The man then alleged that the truck driver pulled a gun on him and he allegedly told the truck driver that “if he was going to use the gun then he better use it.”

Instead, reports state, the truck driver exited his truck with a pipe and allegedly struck the Shady Dale man with the pipe.

The truck driver denied pulling a gun. He said initially he pulled a flashlight when the man “climbed onto his truck, shouting and cussing…” He alleged that the Shady Dale man opened his truck door and was “coming after him” and he used a pipe “as a defense weapon.”

He also alleged multiple people were holding him back but that the Shady Dale man had free access to attack. Reports state “they got in a fight and after a few good rolls, they stopped and separated.”

Neither man was charged in the incident and reports state that “both subjects appeared to show no interest in reporting the initial incident as well.”

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