During a search of a man arrested on possession of cocaine charges, the man allegedly blew a small bag of suspected powder and crack cocaine out of his nose.

According to Madison Police Department reports, jailers at the Morgan County Detention Center also found a bag of suspected marijuana in the underwear of Rico Jamar Mosley, 41, Madison, during the same search.

Mosley was stopped on Tuesday, April 20, at approximately 11:15 a.m. for an alleged license tag violation while driving a Honda Accord on South Main Street. An officer made a traffic stop on Mosley on Park Lane. Reports allege that consequent to the traffic stop, officers smelled “an overwhelming odor of green marijuana coming from the open windows” of Mosley’s vehicle.

During the traffic stop, a Morgan County Sheriff’s Office investigator arrived and conducted a Fourth Amendment search on Mosley’s vehicle as part of Mosley’s parole restrictions.

Officers located a digital scale on the passenger seat with suspected cocaine residue on the scale. Reports state the residue was field tested at the scene and tested positive for cocaine. There were five open sandwich bag boxes in the vehicle and approximately 25 loose sandwich bags in the glove box, reports state.

During Mosley’s arrest, officers continued to detect a marijuana smell coming from his person. Mosley’s pockets were searched and officers located $907, primarily in $20 bills but no marijuana.

Mosley was told several times that if he possessed any contraband when he arrived at the detention center he would be charged with a felony for crossing guard lines with contraband.

While Mosley was being processed at the jail, a jailer allegedly “observed Mosley blow something out of his nose and recovered the small baggy of cocaine powder and crack cocaine.”

When Mosley removed his underwear, “a small bag of marijuana fell from his crotch” reports state.

Mosley is charged with possession of marijuana with intent to distribute, possession of cocaine, possession of drug paraphernalia or objects and crossing the guard line with contraband.

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