Junior Prom Planners

Four juniors are planning all the details to this year’s non-traditional prom at Morgan County High School. From left, are Alex Williams, Jada Cooper, Trinity Martin, and John Kirby Murdoch.

A group of Morgan County High School (MCHS) juniors are on a mission to create a one-of-a-kind, magical prom experience for their senior classmates this Spring on a $4,000 budget.

Due to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, a traditional indoor prom at the Classic Center in Athens isn’t possible, but these juniors are using a little creativity to plan a special prom nonetheless.

“We could not be prouder of our students who are planning the prom. They have been so thoughtful in the areas of timing, location, budgeting, and creating a memorable experience for their classmates,” said MCHS Principal Dr. Miki Edwards. “This has been an interesting year in so many ways. This prom will be a wonderful way to close it out together.”

The junior class will host the prom this May, while a small committee of juniors are planning out all the details, including Trinity Martin, Alex Williams, Jada Cooper, and John Kirby Murdoch.

The group has decided on a “Cut Loose” theme for the outdoor prom to be held on Saturday, May 15 outside of MCHS. Juniors will use design elements from the classic 80s film, Foot Loose.

“Expect a lot of lights and gold as well as confetti and colorful balloons,” said Trinity Martin.

In addition to lights, decorations and plenty of dancing, there will be a slew of outdoor games on the lawn as well as a “walk down the senior memory lane” display.

“I’m excited about the new senior walk the most,” said Alex Williams. “I believe it’s really well put together and something new.”

“I’m enthusiastic to be able to come together as a whole despite going through a pandemic,” said Jada Cooper, one of the junior prom planners. “Prom is more than dancing. It’s about celebrating each other, being united as one, and of course, crowning our King and Queen.”

“I am elated to be able to experience this year’s prom,” said John Kirby Murdoch, another junior prom planner. “It’s an opportunity that most other places won’t get. I cannot wait to see how well it turns out.”

Only MCHS students will be allowed to attend the prom this year. MCHS freshman and sophomores are allowed to attend upon the invitation of a junior or senior. Tickets are $40 per person or $70 for couples. Professional photographers will be there to capture the best moments of the evening.

“We need people to buy tickets sooner, rather than later,” urged Martin.

Principal Edwards invited the community to donate to support this year’s prom.

“If community members would like to contribute to the event, whether financially or by donating items or talents, the prom committee would certainly appreciate it,” said Edwards.

MCHS students are just grateful to have a prom at all this year, after wondering for months if it would be possible.

“I can’t explain how thankful I am that we’ve been given an opportunity to host a prom. No one thought it would be a possibility this year, and I’m grateful to Dr. Edwards and the rest of the admin team for allowing us to plan a fun yet safe event.” said Martin. “My colleagues and I have put a lot of time and effort into this, because we know what is important to our student body. I’m especially happy that the seniors will be given a prom, especially since they did not get one last year. We have a lot of hurdles to tackle, but I have a lot of faith in our school and community to be able to pull this off.”

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