Anyone interested in learning more about Rivian Automotive's electric vehicle plant coming to Morgan and Walton Counties is encouraged to attend a Town Hall being held in Social Circle on Tuesday, Jan. 11.

The Joint Development Authority is also hoping to host a similar meeting in Rutledge but has not confirmed a time or date.

Shane Short, economic development director for Walton County, is stressing that Rutledge residents and other Morgan County citizens concerned about the Rivian project should attend the town hall meeting Tuesday night at the Social Circle Middle School at 6:30 p.m.

“We are encouraging Rutledge residents to come out to the Social Circle meeting because as of now, that’s the only one the JDA will be hosting. However, we will gladly host another in Rutledge if an appropriate venue becomes available.”

Tuesday's town hall meeting will be held at Social Circle Middle School, located at 154 Alcova Drive in Social Circle. The meeting begins at 6:30 p.m. and will include JDA members and economic developers presenting the newly released site plan for Rivian as well as addressing concerns from the public.

Short also noted, that Rivian is planning to host another community meeting themselves, but has not announced a date or location. 

In December, Gov. Brian Kemp announced the historic multibillion dollar deal with Rivian Automotive that will land a massive electric car manufacturing plant right here in Morgan County.

The new plant will sprawl across 2,000 acres of land in both Morgan and Walton counties near Exit 101 on I-20, near Highway 278, leading all the way up to Old Mill Road in Rutledge. The plant will be partially built upon the old Verner Family farmlands.

The project is expected to yield a $5 billion investment, create 7,500 jobs, and churn out an estimated 400,000 electric vehicles per year once the plant becomes fully operational. Construction is slated for the summer of 2022, with manufacturing beginning in 2024.


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