A medical office park is planned for development next to Morgan Medical Center in Madison. The City Of Madison cleared the way for the proposed development, granting a zoning map amendment change to allow the project to move forward.

The Madison Mayor and City Council voted unanimously at last week’s meeting to approve a zoning map amendment for about 15 acres of land located on Lions Club Road/Highway 441 near the hospital. The land will now be zoned as P1 (Planned Professional) to accommodate the planned project that will build a medical office park to expand healthcare services in Morgan County. The application was submitted by Jason Brown with the design plans created by Georgia Civil.

“The intent is to sync up some of the services with the hospital, “ said Madison City Planner Bryce Jaeck.

“It fits right into the character zone of the area,” said Lee Abney, an attorney working with the project. The character zone designated by the City of Madison is a “Community Service Area.”

The medical office park will share a “non-emergency entrance” with the hospital to provide access from the roadway.

According to the City of Madison Planning Department, “The property is partially within the Corridor Design Overlay District (CDO). It is currently undeveloped. The area of request is 15.082 acres of the property…The remaining area of 121.718 acres will remain [Large Lot Residential R1]. The proposed office park is located to the northeast of Morgan Medical Center. The property will access Lions Club Road (the US 441 bypass) via an easement through the hospital parking lot. Specifically, the northeast entrance at Morgan Medical Center will be used. This is not the emergency entrance, which is located further south. Many of the offices will likely be used by medical professionals affiliated with the hospital in some capacity.”

No public comment was filed to oppose the proposed project. Details of the design plans and scope of the project will be released in the coming months.


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