A lack of cooperation from witnesses at a West Atlanta Highway, Rutledge party has Morgan County authorities wondering how a man was shot in his thigh.

According to Morgan County Sheriff’s Office reports, a deputy responded to “shots fired” at the residence at approximately 1 p.m., Sunday, June 27. Reports state that when the deputy arrived, “multiple vehicles” were fleeing from the residence. The deputy was told that a man had shot himself in the foot and was sitting in the passenger side of a black Ford Toyota Corolla.

The deputy located Darel Williams, 41, Covington, with a pool of blood in the vehicle by his right foot. Williams’ pants and shoes were blood soaked as well, reports state. The deputy called for an ambulance, grabbed his medical kit and after he removed Williams’ pants, noticed that he had been shot in the outer right thigh. Williams allegedly told the deputy he had shot himself in the thigh “but he did not know where his firearm was.” There was no firearm in Williams’ vicinity, reports state.

While the deputy was attempting to apply a tourniquet to stop the bleeding, reports state Williams continued to try and pull his pants back up. The deputy secured the tourniquet and stopped the bleeding.

When the deputy attempted to ask persons at the house party if they had seen the shooting, “all parties stated either they weren’t out front of the residence at the time, didn’t know or observe anything or that they would not cooperate with law enforcement.”

Some people at the party, reports state, told the deputy that Williams has said he had shot himself in the foot. The deputy located six spent 9mm bullets on the driveway. The deputy also located five individual pools of blood from where Williams had been shot to where the deputy located him in the vehicle.

Morgan County Sheriff’s Office Chief Deputy Keith Howard said the incident is an active investigation and that no charges have currently been filed. He also said the investigation into the shooting was being “hampered by the lack of cooperation of witnesses.”

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