A man who led Morgan County deputies on a brief but dangerous motorcycle chase Saturday allegedly told deputies he had smoked methamphetamine an hour earlier.

According to Morgan County Sheriff’s Office reports, Ronnie Justin Aaron Bowen, 40, of Eatonton, was tackled after he dropped a Yamaha R6 motorcycle in a construction gravel area off U.S. 441 following a harrowing midnight chase that eventually involved three Morgan County deputies.

Reports state that Sgt. Christopher Lash responded to complaints of a reckless driver eastbound on Interstate 20 at midnight on Saturday, Nov. 27.

Lash positioned his patrol vehicle on the interstate bridge at the Monticello Highway exit and observed Bowen on the motorcycle speeding up and slowing down on the eastbound off ramp. Bowen then allegedly appeared to want to turn right, then left on Monticello Highway before accelerating back onto the interstate.

Lash gave chase and Bowen turned off the interstate at the Madison exit and turned right onto Indian Creek Road, a gravel road.

Bowen, Lash reported, had trouble maintaining balance on the motorcycle while on Indian Creek Road. When the bike reached Aqua Road, speeds increased to nearly 100 mph with the motorcycle swaying into on-coming lanes on curves.

The bike turned right on Pierce Dairy road and then left on Mission Road toward U.S. 441 where Deputy Cameron Ptak and Deputy Lee Kitchens were waiting. The three deputies were able to get Bowen boxed in, with Deputy Ptak in front, Lash on the left and Kitchens behind.

Bowen turned the bike to a gravel area and “dropped the motorcycle to the right, causing him to roll onto the ground…,” reports state. Bowen, reports state, got up immediately and Lash pulled his service revolver and ordered Bowen to the ground. Lash then tackled Bowen and the three deputies were able to detain Bowen.

Reports state that Bowen allegedly told deputies that prior to the chase he had smoked methamphetamine and that he had approximately two grams of methamphetamine in the pocket of his leather motorcycle jacket. Deputies found a glass pipe during a search of Bowen but no suspected methamphetamine.

Bowen was transported to Morgan County Detention Center. After the transport, a deputy noted that he found two pieces of a plastic bag in the back seat of his vehicle and Bowen complained of being nauseous. The deputy, reports state, feared that Bowen had ingested more methamphetamine and he was transported to Morgan Medical Center where he was treated before he was returned to the detention center.

Bowen was charged with DUI drugs, felony fleeing and attempting to elude, failure to maintain lane, possession of drug related objects and acquiring a license plate for the purpose of concealing identification of a motor vehicle.


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