Caring for your pet just moved to an orbital level in Madison.

On Saturday, Main Street Vet opened its more than 6,000-square-foot addition, The Lodge at Main Street Vet.

The addition, located directly behind Main Street Vet on Eatonton Road across from Crowe’s Bar-B-Que, is a state-of-the-art boarding and pet daycare facility built by Covington’s Sunbelt Builders that will now be able to house, exercise and entertain more than 100 dogs.

And like a spa, the facility offers an impressive al a carte menu of options for pet owners from aroma therapy to massage and training sessions for dogs that help pet owners “learn the best way to bond with, and build trust between you, your family and your (pet).”

A steady flow of Main Street Vet customers enjoyed a guided tour of the facilities on Saturday including an expansive exercise and play area. The expansion also provides both an outdoor and indoor play area for days of inclement weather. Coming soon, says Debbie Howard, office manager, is a splash pad for pets and a dog bone shaped pool.

The investment, says Howard, is the continued vision of owners Dr. James Williams and his wife Jamie. From the practice’s beginning on North Main Street, Main Street Vet and The Lodge at Main Street Vet now employs more than 30 people and has become a premier destination for pet owners. The practice now also includes five veterinarians along with an extensive staff of veterinarian technicians.

The Lodge now also includes an area where pet owners can drop off and pick up their pets and a Lodge Limo that will provide daily pick up and deliveries for pets.

Howard said the expansive options of giving and care are designed to offer pet owners choices. “It can be whatever you need it to be. The pets are going to get the same amount of love and care.”

When Dr. Williams announced plans to build and expand The Lodge, it was a natural continuation of a practice that has thrived on human and animal relationships. “Everything we do is, at the core, centered around the human/animal bond. Anything we can do to promote that bond is good for the animal and good for the human.”

The Lodge was, Howard says, specifically designed to allow for the latest technology in animal care. “It was designed with comfort and cleanliness of the pet in mind.”

Animals are met at the door by staff and then whisked into whichever care option is chosen. Pets are given, at minimum, three exercise periods per day under staff supervision.

Howard says The Lodge is another way the practice is catering to the well being of both pets and their owners. The joy, she says, is “being able to open something that strengthens the animal/human bond.”

“We care to the core. We treat others, including animals, as we want to be treated,” she says.

“This is opening an environment where it lessens the anxiety of the pet.”


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