Rowe, Campbell, Eaton

Assistant Chief Colin Campbell (center) presents Officer Blake Rowe (left) and Corporal Stacey Eaton (right) with the City of Madison’s Lifesaving Award, after the pair administered two doses of Narcan to a man suspected of overdosing in early July. The man was brought back from the brink of death due to the efforts of Rowe and Eaton.

Madison Police Officers Corporal Stacey Eaton and Blake Rowe were honored with the City of Madison’s Lifesaving Award on Monday, Sept. 13, after the pair took swift action to bring an unresponsive man suspected of an overdose back from the brink of death.

“I am here to recognize two of our officers with our department’s Lifesaving Award,” said Colin Campbell, assistant chief for the City of Madison Police Department.

Eaton and Rowe responded to a call at one of Madison’s local motels on the morning of July 1, where a man lay unresponsive. After administering two doses of Narcan, a medicine that reverses the fatal effects of a drug overdose, and relentless rounds of CPR, the man’s life was saved.

Campbell praised the officers for continuing lifesaving efforts on man when it seemed all hope was lost.

“He had no pulse. He was not breathing. He was cold to the touch. The subject was dead,” said Campbell to the Madison Mayor and City Council on Monday evening before presenting the officers with the award. “But they would not give up.”

Campbell recounted that the man eventually came to, taking a deep breath and raising his right arm before being transported to the hospital.

“Tonight I would like to recognize these two officers for their exceptional courage and performance on that morning,” said Campbell. “They are heroes. These two officers would tell you they are not heroes but that they were just doing their jobs. But tonight, let’s call them heroes.”

Eaton and Rowe accepted the Lifesaving Award as the Mayor and City Council applauded the officers with a standing ovation.

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