The Madison Mayor and City Council unanimously voted to appoint a new city manager on Monday, May 16, to fill the hefty shoes of David Nunn, the city’s steadfast manager for the last 33 years.

John Klimm, of Rincon, Ga., believes he is up for the challenge.

Klimm, who has served as Rincon’s city manager for four years, accumulated an impressive resume over the course of his two-decade career in city management.

“I am honored and excited to be selected as Madison’s next City Manager. I was attracted to Madison because it is an extraordinarily unique and beautiful City with a rich history and charm and with a downtown area that is second to none,” said Klimm, who is preparing to move to Madison in the coming weeks with his wife, Dolores.

The Madison Mayor and City Council chose Klimm out of 26 applicants.

“After careful review, we believe he is the best candidate for our city,” said Mayor Fred Perriman. “I would like to thank this council for all the time spent to select this new city manager and making sure that the best applicant was chosen.”

The admiration is mutual, said Klimm.

“I am impressed with Mayor Perriman, Mayor Pro Tempore Blanton and the entire City Council who obviously care deeply about the city and its future. And I know that Madison has been well served and managed by City Manager Nunn and a very dedicated management team and staff along with an engaged group of citizen volunteers. Madison is a city with a strong sense of place and Dolores and I are truly blessed to soon call it home.”

According to the city of Rincon, Klimm holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Political Science and Economics and a Master’s Degree in Public Administration. He is one of the 30 nationally credentialed City Managers in Georgia. He also taught Public Administration at the graduate and undergraduate level for years.

Klimm is slated to start the job on Monday, June 13, and will attend the city’s next regular meeting on the same date at 5:30 p.m. in the city’s meeting hall, located at 160 North Main Street Suite 400 in Madison.


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