A burgeoning author returned to her hometown last weekend for a special book signing at the Chophouse Grille in Madison.

Crystal Daniel, born and raised in Madison, debuted her first children’s book “Chrissy’s Magical Moment,” a tale designed to boost children’s self-esteem and confidence, selling and signing copies Saturday afternoon for supportive friends, family and community members.

“The signing went absolutely great. We sold over 200 copies and more orders are coming in,” said Daniel. “The love and support was absolutely amazing. Special shout out to my parents Robert and Angela Daniel and my entire family. To my Pastor Rev. Dr. Hoke L. Smith, First Lady Ann Smith, the Calvary Baptist Church family and to everyone who has showed me love throughout this process.”

Daniel, who graduated Morgan County High School (MCHS) in 2011 before earning a journalism degree at Georgia State University, said she was thrilled to return home to share her latest project, the story of a young girl named Chrissy who embarks on a a magical adventure. Daniel took her love for writing and her experience working with children to create the perfect book to appeal to a young audience.

“I have always had a passion for writing. I literally would sit in church and write, write, write and even in school I would just write short stories, poems, and honestly writing is therapeutic,” said Daniel. “I have worked with children for seven years now and the thing that I see the most in young children is the need for building up that self esteem. We have to teach children at an early age just how amazing they are and to always be confident in themselves.”

Daniel plans to expand Chrissy’s magical adventures in the future.

“This is just the beginning and you will definitely see more books with Chrissy and overall, I just want to uplift and send out a positive message to young children,” said Daniel.

To order a copy of Chrissy’s Magical Moment online at: www.chrissysbookstore.com. Shipping is available and the kindle edition is available as well on Amazon.

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