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By Patrick Yost


On the heels of District 2 Morgan County Board of Education member Nelson Hale’s announcement that he would not seek another term, Kathryn Cardwell announced this week that she would seek the position. 

Cardwell, 54, also said she would run as an Independent, as did Hale, and was currently working toward getting the 117 signatures she needs by district voters to run non-partisan.

Cardwell recently served as the chairperson of the school system’s Capital Campaign Committee. The committee was tasked with raising more than $1 million in private funds to supplement needs at the recently constructed Morgan County High School and upcoming needs at the new Morgan County Middle School.

“Our goal was to raise private funds to support needs from the construction budget that wasn’t filled,” she said. “We’re not quite done yet but we are close.”

Cardwell said she has been a consistent volunteer in school activities while her two children were enrolled and graduated from Morgan County High School. 

“I have spent a good bit my life here involved in the school system,” she said. “I have volunteered at about every level you can.”

Cardwell holds a journalism degree from the University of Kansas and a Masters in Business from the University of Missouri, Kansas City.

She said after spending years as a volunteer she was ready to take on a larger leadership role. “I am looking forward to serving Morgan County in this way. Most of my experience with volunteering with the schools has led me in this direction.”

She said the board, in the next few years, will have to continue to work to pay down construction costs on the new projects and that she would be “conservative” with tax funds. The new school projects, she said, “was the right thing to do at the right time” and would help the system “create successful graduates in Morgan County.”

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