James Martin and Michel Santos were awarded Junior Conservancy Scholarships in April. The scholarships provide financial support related to tuition and board at an accredited college, purchase of books and/or technology, or other supplies needed for college.

James Martin will attend Samford University in Birmingham, Ala., and Michel Santos will attend Eastern Connecticut State University in Windham, Conn.

Thanks to an anonymous donor, two scholarships in the amount of $1,000 each were funded this year for Junior Conservancy seniors. “Of the excellent applications we received for this scholarship, James’ and Michel’s really stood out. They both showed strong leadership capability in their roles as President and Secretary, respectively, and made significant contributions throughout the year,” said Maryann Dartnell, Junior Conservancy Committee Chair.

The mission of the Junior Conservancy is to develop and sustain a conservation/preservation ethic in Morgan County’s youth through education, civic engagement, community service, and social events.

This most recent Junior Conservancy board held nine field trips, rain or shine, outside, observing COVID social distancing protocols. They hiked trails at Hundred Acre Farm, learned about historic preservation from local developer Preston Snyder, learned about conservation easements at Kenwood Conservation Subdivision, explored the CCC Camp at Hard Labor Creek State Park, cleaned cemetery headstones, learned about native flora and fauna at Charlie Elliott State Park, visited two dairy farms this month for their last meeting.

“Although the other scholarship applicants are also terrific young people who will be very successful going forward, these Junior Conservancy seniors exceeded the criteria for the scholarship in every way,” said Dartnell. “The criteria include academic excellence, individual character, leadership potential, accomplishments within the organization, participation, application responses, and letters of recommendation. We are honored to enthusiastically award the JC scholarships to James and Michel.”

The mission of the Madison-Morgan Conservancy is to provide public education on conservation matters and to protect and enhance the heritage and quality of life of the residents of Morgan County by preserving historic sites, greenspace, farmland, and timberland. For more information, visit www.mmcgeorgia.org.

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