Morgan County Magistrate Judge Connie Holt and Morgan County Sheriff Robert Markley presented the family of deceased Morgan County Assistant Magistrate Judge Herbert “Sonny” Wood with a plaque commemorating his more than 25 years of service to the court.

Wood died Sept. 8, 2021, of COVID complications at Piedmont Rockdale Hospital. He was 55 years old.

In a tearful ceremony last Thursday, Judge Holt remembered fondly the many years she and Wood worked together in the Magistrate Court.

“Sonny was a dedicated and loyal and loving friend,” Judge Holt told a gathering in the lower courtroom of the Morgan County Sheriff’s Office. “He gave so much of his time to this job, working nights and weekends, answering the calls of law enforcement. But Sonny also had his regular day job working in Covington and he also had his farm, where he raised cows, pigs, and chickens and he had his loving family to see after as well. Sonny loved his job, he enjoyed meeting with law enforcement and being a part of our Magistrate team,” she said.

Sheriff Markley recounted when he started at the Morgan County Sheriff’s Office and was elevated to an investigator. Wood was then operating Wood’s Service Station on Madison’s Main Street as well as serving as an assistant magistrate judge.

“I remember telling my friends that I lived in a community where you could get gas, your window washed and a warrant at the same time,” the sheriff joked.

“Sonny always kept a level head,” Sheriff Markley said. “He was always willing to listen. He was always protective of his officers. He will be missed but not forgotten.”

Following Wood’s untimely death, Judge Holt announced that Morgan County Magistrate office employee Julie Ruark would assume Judge Wood’s role. Judge Ruark has worked in the office for three years and will undergo extensive education training to fill the seat.


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