Rumors that Dollar General is considering building a store in downtown Buckhead were confirmed Monday night when Buckhead Town Council Member Richard Harris told the council he had been in contact with a company that pre-plans construction for the retail giant.

Harris said the company was looking at an approximately two-acre parcel in downtown Buckhead that has access on Seven Islands Road, Parks Mill Road and Saffold Road. It is currently the site of the Buckhead Store, a deer processing business and a warehouse, owned by Morgan County businessman Pat Reams.

Harris said on Monday he spoke with Kit Creighton, a development associate with the Atlanta-based firm of Sullivan Wickley. Creighton, according to her bio on the company’s website, is the “lead associate on the development team at Sullivan Wickley…”

“She assists with all efforts related to acquiring sites for new development projects, including initial site identifications, preliminary site feasibility assessment and overall due diligence.”

Harris said Creighton had earlier expressed concerns the lot didn’t have enough “septic field.” However, he told the council, “They think they’ve got this licked.”

He said Creighton told him the firm was prepared to “submit their proposal to Dollar General.”

Harris also urged the council to end the town’s current moratorium on new development. He suggested that the moratorium, put in place to give the council time to construct a new set of zoning ordinances, was a deterrent to Dollar General. “We should go ahead and lift the moratorium and operate under the old ordinance,” Harris said.

“They are nervous about it,” he said. “She’s asked the same question every time we’ve talked about it.”

“There’s no sense in having everything on hold,” he said. “Dollar General is interested.”

He said the retail company was planning an entrance to the store on both Saffold and Parks Mill Road.

Buckhead Mayor Drew Miller said a vote on ending the moratorium would be out of order, in part, because the council had not placed the question on the agenda. Harris asked for the question to be placed on the agenda for the Sept. 13 meeting and expressed disappointment that the council would not hear the request.

“How that affects Dollar General, that will be up to them,” he said.

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Next step, DECENT INTERNET FOR OUR AREA. We deserve high speed internet just like the other rural areas that it is being brought to.

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