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Laura and Blair Lott, owners of Rescue Dog Wines, will be in Madison on Thursday, Jan. 20 at the Wine & Roses event venue, 104 East Washington Street for a “Rescue Dog Wine Tasting” fundraising event for the Humane Society of Morgan County.

A “Rescue Dog Wine Tasting” fundraiser organized by the Humane Society of Morgan County has brought together two like-minded groups to help continue to fund the non-profit Humane Society.

Blair and Laura Lott, owners of the St. Helena, Calif., winery, Rescue Dogs Wine, will be at the Wine & Roses event facility on East Washington Street on Thursday, Jan. 20 for a Rescue Dog Wine Tasting event that will feature four different wines and explanations from Blair and Laura.

According to Humane Society of Morgan County Board of Directors member Ron Collins, the Humane Society is hoping to sell between 100 to 125 tickets for the event with proceeds to benefit the society.

Along with the unique fundraiser, Collins said the group continues to keep the society and its good works of finding homes for animals at the forefront.

“The goal is to raise awareness in our effort to engage the community for our new initiative in Planned Charitable Giving for the Humane Society of Morgan County,” said Collins.

According to the Humane Society website, the group found homes for 421 animals in 2020, down slightly from the 436 animals it “rehomed” in 2019. In 2018 the group found homes for 412 animals.

Tickets for the event are $25 and can be purchased by calling Collins at (404) 550-0573 or the Humane Society of Morgan County at (706) 343-9977.

In an email interview, Blair said Rescue Dog Wines stems from the couple’s desire to work with groups saving animals.

“We’re always looking for rescue organizations to partner with and we love talking about our mission,” he said. “I grew up in Georgia and Laura and I recently returned to Georgia to live and we recently released our wines in the state through Artisan Beverages of Georgia, so we are particularly excited about partnering with the Humane Society of Morgan. This organization and others like it are the reason we are in this business.”

According to the Rescue Dog Wines website, 50 percent of all profits from the winery go to support rescue dog organizations.

Blair said the winery has given “tens of thousands of dollars” in wine and cash to non-profit animal rescue groups.

“Our favorite way of giving is donating our wines for fundraising that tends to raise more for the organizations we partner with than just the value of our wine and in turn helps spread the word of our brand and mission so that we can continue to give. We think 2022 will be a pivotal year for our brand and our mission so we have ramped up inventory for this year and are introducing a few new wines. Georgia has been a big part of our expected growth. The reception here has been amazing.”

Blair and Laura will speak at the event at 7:30 p.m. The event will feature a Cabernet, a Red Blend, a Sauvignon Blanc and a Rose.

Three years ago, Blair said, the company introduced one wine for sale online. “We now have seven wines with a red Pinot Noir in barrels and a Chardonnay in the works. We hope to have nine wines in total by the end of the year as we are starting to get placed into retail establishments, restaurants and wine bars.”

Collins said he hopes the Wine & Roses event venue at 104 East Washington Street will be full. Blair says he and Laura like speaking at meetings of people invested in saving animals lives.

“We learned that rescue dog lovers are also wine lovers and are some of the most generous and fun people around,” he said.


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