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Morgan County Sheriff’s Office authorities and Georgia Bureau of Investigation (GBI) agents are awaiting forensic results to help identify skeletal remains found after a man’s dog brought a tibia (leg bone) to his house off Newborn Road.

According to Chief Deputy Keith Howard, GBI agents and Morgan County Sheriff’s Office deputies searched an approximate four-acre area on Newborn Road past Old Mill Road for approximately 45 minutes Thursday, Dec. 16, before locating the skeleton.

Howard said law enforcement officers used a tracking collar on loan from the Georgia Emergency Management Agency (GEMA) that they placed on the dog to try and determine where the remains were located.

Howard said on Tuesday, Dec. 7, law enforcement received a call from a man stating that he believed his dog had retrieved a human bone and brought it home. The man told authorities he had placed the bone in his truck and driven to his job in Madison. Authorities went to the man’s place of employment and identified the bone as human.

Howard said several years ago a former soldier’s remains were located approximately one-and-half-miles from the Newborn Road site and those remains were missing the left tibia. Authorities thought the dog may have found the missing man’s leg bone.

However, Howard said, on Friday, Dec. 10, the dog brought a vertebrae to the man’s house. The former soldier’s remains included all vertebrae and Howard knew authorities had a unique skeleton. “That’s when we realized we did not have remains from the previous skeleton,” Howard said.

Law enforcement equipped the dog with a tracking collar and mapped the results from the dog’s daily travels and used that information to locate the skeleton. Howard said the skeleton is completely decomposed and laying on top of the ground. Recent leaf fall was covering the bones, Howard said.

Morgan County Sheriff Robert Markley said the bones were scattered and that there was “nothing apparent at the scene” to determine cause of death.

Authorities are awaiting forensic results to help identify the person. “Once we determine identity, it will tell us which direction we need the investigation to go,” Markley said. The remains were located approximately 100 yards from the dog owner’s house.


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