Now is the time for Morgan County voters to ensure their registration is valid before the municipal elections this November and midterm elections arrive in 2022. The Morgan County elections board will be performing “list maintenance” in which inactive voters’ registration could be revoked.

“We are gearing up to start the list maintenance process, putting people in inactive status or cancelling registration, depending where they are in the system. We are urging all Morgan County voters to make sure their voter registration and addresses are up-to-date,” said Jennifer Doran, election director in Morgan County. “Notices will go out to inactive voters to give them opportunity to update their registration. Keep an eye out for notice.” Inactive voters will have 40 days to respond after notification to update their registration.

Voters who have been deemed inactive for five years, missing two general elections, will receive notices in coming weeks that their registration will be cancelled if they do not update their information.

“If they don’t respond in 40 days, their voter registration will be cancelled,” explained Doran.

“We encourage voters to go to the MyVoter page where you can verify your status, verify your voter registration address or update your voter registration address,” said Doran. The website can be found at:

According to Doran, list maintenance is done in odd-number years. In 2019, the county deemed 200 registered voters as inactive, and cancelled about 100 voter registrations.

“If you did not vote in the 2018 midterm election or in the 2020 general election, you should definitely check your voter registration status,” urged Doran. “Now is the perfect time to update your voter registration, so you are ready to vote in the upcoming municipal elections or the upcoming 2022 midterm elections.”

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