Tim Ligon

Tim Ligon, former CFO for Goodwill Industries of Middle Georgia, has been accused of stealing more than $75,000 through fraudulent purchases on his company credit card.

There is no ‘goodwill’ left for Tim Ligon of Madison, who will face criminal charges from his former employer for allegedly stealing more than $75,000 through fraudulent credit card purchases.

Goodwill’s executive board voted to seek criminal charges against Ligon, the former Chief Finance Officer for Goodwill Industries of Middle Georgia and the current Chairman of the City of Madison’s Audit Committee.

“Last week Goodwill Industries of Middle Georgia’s Board Executive Committee voted unanimously to accept the recommendation of Goodwill’s Audit Committee to seek criminal charges against Mr. Ligon and to seek the restitution of funds Mr. Ligon admitted he misappropriated from Goodwill of Middle Georgia,” said James Stiff, president of Goodwill Industries of Middle Georgia.

“As the Chief Financial Officer, Mr. Ligon was trusted to create systems to ensure that Goodwill’s financial resources were safeguarded. Because of this, Mr. Ligon was able to circumvent the system he created. Mr. Ligon was immediately removed from his position of trust and terminated from employment. A report was filed with Goodwill’s insurance company and a special audit was conducted by Goodwill’s audit firm, Cherry Bekaert. Results of the audit were presented to Goodwill’s volunteer Board of Directors on July 22.”

In August, a representative from Goodwill, Brian Grady, filed a civil complaint with the Morgan County Sheriff’s Office accusing Ligon of using his company credit card to make unauthorized personal purchases in the amount of $76,593.07 over the course of six years. According to the police report, the bulk of the disputed purchases were made in Morgan County.

“It is regrettable that this abuse of trust occurred. There is a zero tolerance for theft of any kind at Goodwill,” said Stiff. “Mr. Ligon did not return the money he has admitted stealing from Goodwill. The legal/criminal ramifications are merely beginning for our former employee.”

The Morgan County Citizen reached out to Ligon for comment, but he declined to issue one.

The City of Madison is holding off on passing judgment until the investigation and case is settled.

“As far as I am concerned, Mr. Ligon is still the chairman of our financial audit committee,” said Madison Mayor Fred Perriman. “This investigation is not being done by the city, it’s being done by Goodwill.”

Perriman praised Ligon for his service to the city.

“Tim has served as an excellent chairman on the audit finance committee. He always handles himself very professionally at our meetings as chairperson. I have nothing but the utmost respect for him and his family.”

Perriman would not comment on what the future could hold for Ligon on the city’s financial audit committee.

“I will not comment further because it is under investigation,” said Perriman.

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