After reading a story in the Morgan County Citizen regarding the theft of $330 cash raised in a fundraising car wash for Morgan County Volunteer Station #2, a group of citizens raised more money than was taken by passing the collective hat and presented the cash to Morgan County Fire and Rescue Chief Jeff Stone.

According to Stone, the Farmview Coffee Group, presented Stone with $380 in cash last week. The group was responding to a story that ran in the Oct. 7 edition of the Citizen.

According to Capt. Brandon Sellers, the money had been raised by the volunteer fire department in a Sept. 4 car wash. The funds were supposed to help pay for specific training for members of the department (formerly known as West Morgan Volunteer Fire Department).

At the time of the theft, Morgan County Volunteer Station 2 Chief Michael Hamilton said the members had “worked hard on getting that money together to help train our members.”

Apparently, said Chief Stone, the idea that the station had money stolen for special training hit a nerve.

He said the group, while wishing to remain individually anonymous said the department had “put in a lot of time and effort to help this county and its citizens and since the money was earmarked for training they felt compelled to help.”

Chief Hamilton said that while he was “still upset somebody would take the money in the first place,” he was gratified to know “there are still nice people out there.”

Chief Stone said he was “shocked” when an envelope of cash was delivered to his office at the Morgan County Public Safety Center. “In light of the incident it truly does mean that there are a lot of people in the community that support us,” Stone said.

Morgan County Fire and Rescue Administrative Assistant Cindy Williams said when the group dropped off the envelope they mentioned that “they were concerned and wanted to make sure the training could take place.”

Chief Stone said the gesture reaffirmed his faith in Morgan County.

“It shows that people can still be true to heart these days and I think Morgan County is full of them,” he said. “In a time of need Morgan County does come around and support the needs of the community.”

Capt. Sellers said the theft, where someone entered a locked cabinet at the fire station and removed the cash, is still under investigation. The theft was reported to the Morgan County Sheriff’s Office on Sept. 23.


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