Eric Joyce

Madison City Councilman Eric Joyce announced this week he will run for reelection for the District 2 seat in the Nov. 2, 2021 Municpal election.

Madison City Councilman Eric Joyce is seeking a second term for Madison’s District 2 city council seat in the upcoming November 2021 election.

“Having served on the Madison city council for three-and-a-half years of my first term, I hereby announce my intention to run for re-election to represent Madison’s second district in the November election,” announced Joyce.

As of now, no one has announced the intention to run against Joyce for the District 2 Seat. Qualifying for the Nov. 2, 2021 Municipal election begins on Aug.16 and is open through Aug. 20.

The Mayor’s office, District 2 and District 5 seats will be on the ballot this November. Madison Mayor Fred Perriman has not yet announced whether or not he will seek another term. Councilwoman Chris Hodges is retiring from office and will not seek another term. Joyce is hoping the citizens of Madison will reelect him due to how he has conducted himself on the council during his first term.

“I remain proud of how I have represented our citizens this term, and it is my hope and belief that the voters of my district will allow me to continue the hard work ahead,” said Joyce.

Joyce is running on a message of transparency, efficiency and unity.

“The same general principles that have guided me during this first term are just as critical going forward. The decisions made by our city government must be open and transparent, and every effort must be made to encourage and consider public comment and diverse opinions,” explained Joyce.

Joyce stands upon the middle ground when it comes to Madison’s tense tug-of-war between economic growth and historic preservation.

“The city’s need for growth and advancement must be tempered with a respect for the historical and cultural heritage that makes Madison so special,” said Joyce.

Joyce pledged to cast votes with fiscal responsibility in mind with the utmost consideration for local taxpayers.

“My responsibility to be a good steward of taxpayer monies is one I take seriously,” said Joyce. “ As the needs of the city continue to grow, taxpayers deserve to have confidence that their taxes are being well spent. Serving as the voice of the citizens is a responsibility requiring serious work to be fully prepared for the sometimes difficult decisions of the council. My commitment is to listen, to study and learn, and importantly, to convey to the voters the rationale behind my vote.”

Joyce hopes to continue leading in the City of Madison.

“It has been one of the great honors of my life to be elected to represent the voters of Madison’s second district, and if re-elected, I promise to treat that honor with the effort and thought which it rightly deserves,” said Joyce. “I am asking for your moral support and for your vote.”

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