Carrie Peters Reid

Carrie Peters-Reid, a Madison City Councilwoman and head of Spread Love Ministries in Madison, has been named as a “community hero’ by Georgia Military College and been asked to choose a local student to receive a $750 scholarship to attend GMC. Deadline to apply is Friday, Oct. 22.

One lucky Morgan County high school student will be chosen to receive a $750 scholarship to attend Georgia Military College (GMC). Carrie Peters-Reid, Madison City Councilwoman and head of Spread Love Ministries in Madison, is on the lookout for a deserving student to receive the scholarship.

GMC named Reid a “community hero” and has entrusted her with the task of selecting a student to receive the scholarship. Reid hopes to choose a student by Nov. 22.

“I have been chosen as a ‘community hero’ by GMC. This award is designed to give leaders in the community the opportunity to identify a student in the community who wants to attend GMC and could benefit from scholarship funds,” explained Reid. “I was chosen because of my involvement with GMC and my desire to serve and improve our community through city council and Spread Love Ministries.”

The deadline to submit an application for the scholarship is Friday, Oct. 22. All new or current students are eligible to apply. To be considered for the scholarship, applicants must write an essay answering the question, “Why is post-secondary education important to you?” Essay submissions can be sent to Carrie Peters-Reid at: Submissions can also be mailed to Carrie Peters Ried at P.O. Box 174 Madison, GA 30650.

“This scholarship is designed to help reduce out-of-pocket costs,” said Reid. Reid believes this endeavor is in line with her philosophy of empowering people to become self-sufficient which must begin with a good education.

“Why give a man or woman a fish and not teach them how to fish?” said Reid.

Spread Love Ministries focuses on creating sustainability in the community and avoiding quick fixes to complex problems.

“Spread Love is a body focusing on mental health, domestic violence, substance abuse and career development,” said Reid.

Georgia Military College’s Madison Campus is an extension of the main campus in Milledgeville offering students from Morgan and Walton counties the opportunity to attend college, complete their Core Curriculum, and earn a degree in their own community.


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