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Students who have completed their high school academic careers are usually faced with complicated decisions about their futures. Georgia Military College and Spread Love Ministries in Madison are hoping to help prospective students discover the best course as they navigate the next steps of their academic endeavors.

The “Let’s Get It Started” program, created by GMC and Spread Love Ministries, will offer prospective students a free course to help them decide on a future career and how to achieve it.

“This program is designed to help folks figure out what career direction they want to go into by taking our Success 101 course which will be free with a combination of financial aid and scholarships,” said Leigh Aldhizer, Extension Director of GMC-Madison. “Only a High School diploma or GED is required to participate in the program.”

The Success 101 course will help students identify a career goal and then make a plan on how to achieve that goal. The course will have students think about what kind of career would best suit their talents and ambitions and to consider what they truly want out of life for their future.

The program is having a kick-off event on Wednesday, Sept. 29, from 3 p.m. to 6 p.m. at the GMC Madison Campus at 235 South Main Street.

“We will be on the lawn with popcorn, balloons, free GMC gear, and will help interested persons complete a free application for admission,” Aldhizer added.

Prospective students must bring a copy of their high school diploma or GED. Representatives at the event will help attendees register for the Success 101 Course and apply for financial aid and scholarships. To sign up for the Let’s Get It Started program kick-off event on Wednesday, Sept. 29, call (706) 343- 5863.

Georgia Military College’s Madison Campus is an extension of the main campus in Milledgeville offering students from Morgan, Putnam, Greene, Jasper, Oconee, Newton, and Walton counties the opportunity to attend college, complete their Core Curriculum, and earn a degree in their own community.


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