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Andrew Ainslie, III (right) was elected chairman by unanimous vote of the Morgan County Board of Education. Board member Cheryl Bland (left) was elected vice-chairman by unanimous vote at Monday’s Morgan County Board of Education meeting.

Enrollment at the Morgan County Charter School System has continued a growing trend, according to a report presented to the Morgan County Board of Education at its regular monthly meeting Monday night.

Assistant Superintendent Jay Homan told the board that the number of students enrolled at Morgan County schools for the first day of January 2022 had reached 3,398 students. Holman said that was the highest number of students enrolled in Morgan County schools in the past 12 years and the numbers seem to be tracking higher.

“It has been slowly going down the past few years but now it’s kicked back in,” Homan told the board.

According to a graph supplied to board members and presented at the meeting, in January 2018 there were 3,085 students enrolled in Morgan County schools. In 2019 that number was 3,090. A year later that number jumped to 3,226 in 2020 and 3,256 in January 2021.

“This is the highest we’ve had in January,” Homan said.

“That’s a pretty good jump in two years,” said Morgan County Board of Education Chairman Andrew Ainslie III.

Dr. Virgil Cole, superintendent, Morgan County Charter School System, said with news that Rivian is constructing a truck building plant partially in Morgan County, school administrators are reaching to academics who will compile a study based, in part, on the experiences of other areas that have had a large-scale industrial plant placed in the district.

Regardless, he said the numbers show a steady increase on the system. “We are kind of catching up where the trend has been the past 12 years.”

Ainslie said the numbers were currently manageable with space at each of Morgan County’s four schools, however, he asked for diligence from Homan. “We need to pay attention over the next months and years.”

In other Morgan County Board of Education news, the board voted unanimously to elect Ainslie to another term as chairman. The board also voted unanimously to elect member Cheryl Bland as the vice chairman.


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