Alan Sims

Alan Sims, a Republican candidate running for Georgia’s 10th Congressional District, stopped in Madison this week.

Alan Sims, a Republican candidate for Georgia’s 10th Congressional District, is running as “one tough conservative,” vowing to “fight for Georgia’s conservative values.”

Sims joins the crowded field of candidates hoping to win the Republican nomination in May 2022 to ultimately win Congressman Jody Hice’s seat in the House of Representatives.

The former Air Force Colonel made a stop in Madison to meet Mayor Fred Perriman and attend the monthly Morgan County GOP meeting last Monday night at Farmview Market.

Sims said his platform is built upon three principles: security, religious liberty and prosperity.

“I am with Jody Hice on most of the issues — that we are a nation that is founded on eternal principles and we are out of alignment with those principles right now,” said Sims.

Sims believes America’s national security is at risk and not fully equipped to international threats.

“As we see China rising, we are not postured to respond. I believe we are projecting weakness across the globe and inviting aggression,” said Sims.

Domestically, Sims believes liberty is under assault, especially for religious citizens.

“Our liberties are being trampled on right now on a thousand different battlefields,” said Sims. “Until we assert the constitution, those liberties will remain under threat.”

Sims cited vaccine mandates and church closings during the pandemic as examples.

Economically, Sims vowed to oppose any tax increases.

“Our tax laws need to be respectful of individual Americans, particularly the middle class. The middle class is a target to pay more in taxes,” said Sims. “I would oppose any tax hikes underway.”

Sims was born in Madison, with family still residing in Rutledge. He graduated from West Point Military Academy before serving five years in the military and then 25 years in the Air Force, rising through the ranks to become a Colonel. He served in Afghanistan and in Israel, overseeing 59 combat missions. He now works as an International Delta pilot. He is married to Vanessa Sims, has a daughter Savannah, and a granddaughter Marissa.

Sims will face stiff competition from about a dozen other Republican candidates currently vying for Hice’s seat in Georgia’s 10th Congressional District. Hice is vacating office in order to run for Georgia Secretary of State in 2022.

The official Republican candidates thus far are Paul Broun, who formerly held Hice’s seat from 2007 to 2014; Timothy Barr, Georgia House Representative for District 103; David Curry, former Henry County Tax Commissioner; Mike Collins, owner of a trucking company who lost narrowly to Hice in 2014; Matt Richards, a wealthy demolitioner; Mitchell Swan, a financial wealth manager; Patrick Witt, former deputy chief of staff and acting chief of staff in the U.S. Office of Personnel Management under the Trump administration; Andrew Alvey, a fresh-faced political newcomer with a bachelor’s degree in Political Science and master’s degree in Public Administration; Marc McMain, a former karate instructor and current publisher of Town Values Magazine; and Charles Rupert, a certified fraud examiner with a background in law enforcement.

Whichever candidate prevails in the May primary race will face off against the Democratic Candidate in November 2022. The two Democratic candidates vying for the nomination currently are Phyllis Hatcher, a pastor and businesswoman pledging to work for infrastructure improvements, access to quality health care and high-quality opportunities for innovation; and Kimberly Reuter, a wife and mother of three hoping to improve the district for “growing families” by “advocating for access to healthcare, quality education, and better infrastructure investments.”

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