Chris Hodges

Chris Hodges, city councilwoman for Madison’s Fifth District, has announced she will not seek reelection for the seat.

Nearing the end of her second term as a Madison City Councilwoman, Chris Hodges has announced she will not seek reelection to keep her seat.

“I think it’s time for new blood, a new perspective and new energy,” said Hodges, who was first elected to the Madison City Council District 5 seat in 2013. “I have accomplished what I wanted to, not everything, but I am happy with my two terms on the council.”

Qualifying for the city council race doesn’t begin until August, but Hodges decided to make the announcement now, keeping future candidates in mind.

“I wanted to announce early to give any candidates the opportunity to organize and prepare,” said Hodges.

During Hodges’ two terms, she spearheaded numerous projects and policies for her district and the city as a whole. Hodges introduced the public arts commission, which works to erect art pieces in public spaces to beautify the city and attract more tourists. She also pushed for live-streaming city council meetings, the creation of the Downtown Entertainment District, free Wi-Fi in Town Park and sidewalk expansions to make the city safer and more walkable for pedestrians.

During her first term, she worked to secure recycling bins on Town Square and revamped the online bill paying system for the city. Hodges worked with the GICH Housing team to improve the Canaan District and the West Washington Gateway. She advocated for sidewalks to be installed on Eatonton Road to make grocery shopping more accessible to pedestrians. Hodges also supported the separation of the Convention and Visitors Bureau from the Chamber of Commerce, which she said, “allowed both organizations to become stronger and to focus on their single minded missions and sole purpose.”

“I am also proud of the community outreach we did in the early days of COVID,” said Hodges, who was a vocal advocate for public mask wearing, social distancing, and educating the public on how to reduce the spread of the coronavirus.

Hodges plans to finish her term through the end of 2021 and then will happily pass the torch to the next councilperson elected by the citizens of Madison.

“I’ve loved every bit of it. But it’s someone else’s turn and I’ll be there for them along the way,” said Hodges. “I’m going to take a break and fill in where the community needs me.”

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