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Zeb Grant Design has just smack opened in downtown Madison next to BB&G and across from the Post office in the former Amici building and it’s gonna BLOW YOU AWAY! And Momma ain’t playin!  That handsome Zeb went all out honey! 

Ok so this building has been completely renovated! I’m talking Zeb said they “took it down to the dirt” but maintained the historic beauty of the structure. The punch-tin ceilings look amazing with a new, shiny black coat of paint that reflects elegance and style! New hardwood flooring was also installed with new electrical and heat and air! Zeb says it’s so nice for the shop to be on one level and he has more retail space!

In a nutshell, this shop is so chic, so cool, so IT! I love it! Get your handsome husbands’ wallets ladies ‘cause you’re gonna want to shop, shop, shop until you plop! It’s like a ding dang in-door garden with gifts bloomin’ everywhere at Zeb Grant Design! They have tons of potted hydrangeas, Lenten roses, ferns, tulips, cut flowers and more! And, the gifts! Whoa! Fabulous coffee table books, home décor items like lamps, amazing pots, wall hangings, prints and amazing art by our very own Beverly Jones! Ok so Zeb says that more great items are coming like antiques and Zeb’s interior upholstery selections, framed art and more!

“We’re elated to be here and have already had such an amazing response since we moved up here,” Zeb said! Oh and he’s hostin’ a Grand Opening in March and is also plannin’ an Art and Cheese (and wine I hope) event with Beverly (more on that later)! 

Well y’all get off your bowhonkers and get over to 113 South Main Street immediately! Oh and Zeb! Tell my handsome husband I need am amazing flower arrangement plus another gift for Valentine’s Day! Thank you!

Hold your horses! Guess what’s back by popular demand? Yes! The Madison-Morgan Conservancy is bringing back its famous Derby Day party with proceeds benefiting the Endangered Properties Revolving Fund! Momma is flat fit to be TIED and cannot wait to express her inner Southern Belle with the most elaborate outfit EVER! But ding dang it! What comes first? The Hat or the Dress? Now that’s the conundrum of the season! 

Anyhow y’all, the Derby Party is gonna take place on Saturday, May 4 at Madison’s Masterpiece on Main – the Foster-Thomason-Miller House at 498 S. Main Street! 

There will be a live viewing of the Kentucky Derby, a most delicious derby supper by Epting Events, bourbon tastings, best-dressed competitions and a live auction! I CANNOT WAIT!  For more info on Derby Day and how to be a sponsor visit or call the Conservancy at 706-818-8046!

Yikes! I’m outta space already! Y’all be super, super sweet! Shop local, love local and have the most wonderful week EVER! Hey and make someone smile today! See you next week!

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