Don’t worry Momma! CBD oil can’t get you all trippy, but it might just help you feel better! That’s right y’all! Thrifty Mac Pharmacy, located at 218 South Main Street in downtown Madison, is now offering high-grade CBD oil for it Morgan County customers! Ok so I just had to pop over there to check it all out!

The brand they sell is called Ananda, maker of an exclusive line of Cannabidiol (CBD) oil products created specifically for independent pharmacies and healthcare professionals. Thrifty Mac owner George Launius says the CBD products are flyin’ off the shelves! Ok so according to Ananda, its CBD oil products treat migraine pain, inflammation, anxiety, depression, sleep issues, digestion and more. Ananda’s CBD oil comes from hemp (a plant that won’t get you high!)! Thrifty Mac is selling different strengths of the oil as well as capsules. I mean a few drops in Momma’s tea and voilà! Y’all get over there and check it all out! Oh and if your furry friend is feelin’ a bit anxious, get over to Pet Wants located at 1400 Eatonton Road, Suite 600 and pick up some CBD oil for your pets! They even have a fun treat called Hempful Chicken Stix! Petey and Scout flat LOVE them!

And speakin’ of furry friends, honey Companion Animal Rescue, Inc. (CARI) has a big announcement! They are opening the CARI Marketplace at 7191 Atlanta Highway in Rutledge on Jan. 19! All of the proceeds from everything sold will go directly to the non-profit CARI and its mission to save animals! The CARI organization finds animals in need, finds them a volunteer foster home and eventually helps locate their forever home! The organization also sponsors monthly low-cost spay and neuter surgeries. 

You can get more information about CARI and how to volunteer and make a donation by visiting their website at! Look for more about the soon-to-open CARI Marketplace in the Citizen!

Ok y’all! The Madison ChopHouse Grille located at 202 South Main Street in Madison has stream line its menu, keeping all of your favorites. The big news is that they’ve really upgraded their famous burger so that it’s now even MORE DELICIOUS than EVER! I am not kiddin’ y’all! I’m flat cravin’ that burger as I write this column! Lord Have Mercy! Y’all get over there and order one for yourself!

Party like it’s the roaring 20s! That’s right y’all! Join Lake Oconee Living Magazine this Friday night as it presents the 2018 Best of Lake Oconee Readers’ Choice Awards Gala! The event takes place at the Oconee Brewing Company, located at 202 North West Street in Greensboro! Live entertainment, cocktails and all that jazz! Grab your 1920s fashion and join us for an unforgettable evening! 

See you there! Call us at 706-342-7440 or visit for tickets! They are only $15! What in the Sam Hill are you waitin’ for?

Ok that’s the Buzz on Biz this week! 

Y’all be sweet, shop local and take advantage of all of those after-Christmas sales! See you next week!

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