LongView Wealth Management is excited to announce management changes effective this year. As part of an on-going succession plan, Wesley Bigler, long-time CEO of LongView, has stepped into the role of Chairman.

Quinton Fisher has assumed the role of Chief Executive Officer after having served as LongView’s President since 2000, and Jennifer Stewart has been promoted to President after having served as Vice President since 2019.

Quinton has been with LongView as a financial advisor for 36 years and has served as a partner for over 20 years. His insight, wisdom, and experience in the field of wealth management along with his business acumen will enable him to lead the company for many years to come.

During her 17-year tenure with LongView, Jennifer has developed her skill set, shifting her focus from the client side of the business to employee and company management. She couples great care for LongView and its people with new and fresh ideas to guide the next generation of advisors, operational teams, and leaders.

LongView Wealth Management is a fee-based personal wealth management firm bringing over 40 years of extensive knowledge and experience to the practice of financial planning and wealth management. Advisors offer financial planning and investment management services to clients, most often marrying the two to work with clients as comprehensively as possible.

LongView is headquartered in Atlanta, Georgia, maintains branch offices in both Madison, Georgia and Columbus, Georgia, and serves clients across the globe.

Growth through acquisitions, recruiting new and talented team members, state of the art technology, and the operation of an internal Investment Committee will allow LongView to continue as one of the premier Independent Registered Investment Advisory firms both in the Atlanta area and beyond.


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