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new car is flat in my future y’all! That’s right! The Buzz just attended Madison Main Street’s presentation on 2018 Tax Changes! The best part is that the presenter explained that my handsome husband can purchase me a brand spankin’ new car through our business and depreciate 100 percent of it this year! I. LOVE. IT! Now of course I’ll need me a right nice Mercedes Benz Convertible so I can toss newspapers out all over town and of course it’ll have to be equipped with a huge Bose sound system! Can’t wait!

Ding dang! I just read a Bloomberg story that says more people are choosing meal-to-go options at grocery stores! I mean if you’re active in this on-the-go world, then honey you have to take advantage of prepared meals! Well, our local Ingles grocery store, which already offers many prepared options, is fixin’ to expand its line of meal-to-go foods! Yummy Yay! Pretty soon you’ll be able to buy more at the Ingles’ new Sushi Bar, Asian Bar and Pizza Bar with pizzas artfully prepared via brick oven! YES! A trifecta of delish new options! This also means Ingles will need to fill jobs to staff these new in-store restaurant offerings so y’all head over to Ingles and see about those job openings!

Ingles Store Manager Chip Scanland said they are plannin’ on havin’ all of the new food bar stations set up and runnin’ by February 1, 2019! Chip says Ingles wants to “increase the selection of high quality prepared foods for our customers.” He also said he “appreciates all of our customer support over the years.” Well we appreciate Ingles, too!

Oh and as to the rumors ‘bout Ingles gettin’ an in-store Starbucks, it’s not a yet a done deal y’all but Chip is tryin’ his hardest to make it happen! Y’all keep watchin’ the Biz Buzz for more news on that!

Yikes! I flat near forgot to tell y’all  . . . word on the street is that the Dunkin Donuts on Eatonton Road that’s slated to open later this month will also include a Baskin-Robins station! Two yummy sweets under one roof! Stay tuned!

All this talk ‘bout food is flat makin’ me hungry so I’d best get on over to Rudyboo’s Buffalo Café, owned by Madisonian Keith Davis! If y’all haven’t tried this new restaurant yet, then you flat do not know what you’re missin’!  Ok so the wings are delish! And, the best part is that you can get them with a variety of sauces from X-Mild, X-Hot and TNT to Lemon Pepper Teriyaki and Jamaican Jerk (and a bunch more flavors in between)! Oh and you can get an order of 10 or an order of 60! Perfect for football fans all over Morgan County! Hey and Rubyboo’s also has fried chicken sandwiches, chicken tenders and a bunch of yummy sides like curley fries, onion rings, jalapeno poppers, breaded mushrooms and (Momma’s favorite) fried pickle spears! Dang that’s good! Rudyboo’s is open Tuesday through Saturday from 11 a.m. till 9 p.m. and is located at 1330 Eatonton Road in Madison! For go orders, call 706-438-3200!

Oh and y’all! The Humane Society of Morgan County is sellin’ tickets for its annual $10,000 raffle NOW! Only 200 tickets will be sold for $100 per ticket! Hey but there’s more! This year, the Humane Society has added two additional prizes: A Big Green Egg and one of those super fancy coolers! Y’all call the Humane Society at 706-343-9977 or you can even email the Biz Buzz at if you need a ticket and honey I’ll get you one! But hurry before they’re all gone! The winner will be announced at the annual Chili Cook-Off  & Fall Festival slated for Saturday, October 13 at Town Park! 

Ok that’s it for the Buzz! Y’all be sweet and stop fussin’! And don’t cry cause: “You’re all invited back next week to this locality to have a heapin’, helpin’ of Citizen hospitality. Biz Buzz that is. Set a spell. Take your shoes off. Y’all come back now, ya’ hear?”

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