Momma! What in the Sam Hill is that ba ba boomin’ noise? It’s been goin’ on night n day for months . . . Ding dang! It’s comin’ from downtown Madison and its BOOMIN’ real estate market! I mean Downtown Madison is flat hot, hot, hot!  That’s right y’all! Real Estate investors in downtown are investin’ millions for both retail, service businesses and restaurants! Plus, several investors have plans in the works to significantly add to our portfolio of in-town living options from downtown condos and apartments to senior living! This is all in addition to the huge spike in residential development we are seeing all over Morgan County!  The more people, the more business! Now I’ll drink to that!

And, speakin’ of a hot tea toddy, honey handsome Zeb Grant of Zeb Grant Designs located at 142 Academy Street on the Madison Markets campus is flat on the move! I’m talkin’ Zeb is now the owner of the beautiful Madison Tea Room located at 200 West Washington Street! Zeb is workin’ hard to reopen and update the branding for The Madison Tea Room and is already taking reservations for holiday parties and special events! Plus honey Zeb is plannin’ a spectacular Christmas Tea that you do not want to miss! Count me in! Oh and if you want to book The Madison Tea Room for a special event or wedding call 706-438-3091 today! Keep watchin’ this column for updates!

Ok! As y’all can see, the One Morgan Capital Campaign is hittin’ its stride! You can donate a personalized brick for one of the courtyards at the new high school for $100 or an auditorium seat for $250! You can also support the new practice field for $50 for 30 feet or just donate to the greatest need! Check out for more info on the capital campaign! Oh and y’all get ready for the Morgan County High School’s event of the season! I’m talkin’ about the “Last Jam Concert” at the current auditorium! It’s gonna be crazy fun! They are still finalizin’ the line up of 15 bands but y’all, the openin’ act will be none other than the super famous and fabulous Eric Dodd! Yes! You heard right! Ok so the Last Jam Concert will talk place on Friday, Oct. 19 at 6 p.m. Tickets are $28 and $15 for a commemorative t-shirt! More on this later!

And, speakin’ of jammin’, y’all get ready for the Saturday In The Park concert planned for September 22 at Town Park from 7 p.m. til 10 p.m.! So the BIG NEWS is that DJ Zook, a resident DJ at some of Atlanta’s hottest nightclubs, is gonna rock Town Park! I’m talkin’ Disco, Funk, Rock and Top-40! Momma’s shoes are already tappin’!

We’ve talked so much ‘bout jammin’ honey we’ve summoned Bob Marley and the Wailers! Yes! Take it home with me . . . “All right . . . We’re jammin’ . . . I wanna jam it with you . . . we’re jammin’. . . jammin’ . . . jammin’ … jammin  . . . We’re jammin’ right straight from Yah . . . Yeh . . . Holy Mount Zion . . . Holy Mount Zion . . . Jah sitteth on mount Zion . . . and rules all creation … Yeah, we’re jammin’ (wotcha wa) . . . Wotcha wa wa wa . . . We’re Jammin’ . . . Wotcha wa … and I hope you like Jammin’ too…”

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