barking dog shoes

Barkin’ Dogs Shoe Co.’s Michelle Kennedy, owner Vickie Hunt, and employee Alexandra Zahand.

May 10 was the “second best day for Barkin’ Dogs Shoes,” says owner Vickie Hunt. It was the day the store began moving its inventory and fixtures approximately 70 feet from 172 S. Main St. to 108 E. Washington St. The first best day? “The day we moved from West Washington to South Main Street,” says Hunt.

The move took approximately three days, utilized about 10 Morgan County High School students “and one old lady,” says employee Michelle Kennedy. Barkin’ Dogs Shoes moved into the former Polished Peach location after that store closed. It is better known as the site of Ye Olde Colonial restaurant.

More than 1,500 pairs of shoes were moved utilizing the students and, Hunt says, the move was typical Madison. Theresa Bishop at BB&G saved up boxes, Zeb Grant from Zeb Grant Home and Floral lent Barkin’ Dogs plastic containers and “we borrowed hand trucks from everybody,” Hunt says. Morgan County High School football coach and teacher Brett Bell arranged the students for an after school daisy-chain of hand trucks marching up Main Street.

“I kind of had a plan,” laughs Hunt.

“It was put it down wherever you had space,” says Kennedy.

Barkin’ Dogs Shoe Co. originally opened on Oct. 24, 2004 at its West Washington Street location. A year later, the business moved to a split location on South Main Street with Amelia’s Apparel and Accessories.

“I’m enjoying the new space,” says Hunt. She also says she continues to enjoy the Madison and Morgan County community. “It has always been a friendly and supportive community,” she says. ”I love what I do.”

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