The last day of business will be bittersweet for Downtown Madison’s beloved family-run candy shop, Antique Sweets.

Antique Sweets, which opened in Madison in 2004 and is owned and operated by mother and son duo, Patty and Patrick Alligood, currently resides in the historic Vason Building on Main Street, but will close its doors on Saturday, Sept. 18. According to the Alligoods, their landlord, Preston Snyder, did not offer an option to renew their lease. Snyder did not return request for comment as of press time on Tuesday, Aug. 31.

“We got a letter last October from his lawyer saying our business did not fit with the long-term plans for the building,” said Patty Alligood. “We have tried to find another location in Madison, but cannot find a suitable place that we can afford. So we have to close temporarily until we can find someplace to go.”

According to Patty, the only location they could find in Madison would cost them an extra $12,000 a year in rent.

“It’s just not doable for us, so we had to make the very sad decision to close while we continue looking for a new location.

According to Patty, other communities have reached out to Antique Sweets and offered locations in other towns, but the Alligoods are hesitant to leave the area.

“This is our home. We have lived in Morgan County since 1980. We don’t want to go someplace else, but we will have to see what we can find,” said Patty.

Antique Sweets garnered a strong local following over the years due to their freshly made decadent treats at reasonable prices.

“Some of our customers have grown up with us and now they bring their own children in,” said Patty. “We have connected with our customers. People come in to buy our products to celebrate births or to mourn deaths, to celebrate weddings, graduations, or anniversaries. We get to know our customers during the most important times of their lives.”

The family business has evolved over the years. It began with Patty’s sister who own the Fudge Factory in Dahlonega.

“She encouraged us to branch out and open a store in Madison,” said Patty.

Patty and her son Patrick took on the challenge, tweaking recipes over the years to craft a variety of unique and tasty treats. Patrick’s wife, Kristie came on to work at the store along with the couple’s two daughters.

“Antique Sweets has always been about family, our own family and the families we serve,” said Patty.

To keep up with updates from Antique Sweets, follow them on Facebook or visit their website at The store will be open from 10 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. on their last day of business, Saturday, Sept. 18.

“We are hoping this shutdown is only temporary,” said Patty. “We do so much of our business during the holidays, but I don’t see how we can find a place before the first of the year, unless there’s a miracle at this point. But miracles do happen. We hope to be back open in Madison as soon as we can.”


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