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Get your OM ON! Relax! The Madison Fitness Center, located at 1290 Eatonton Road in Madison, is now offering a Sunday 2 p.m. yoga class for all levels! The beautiful Susan Vaughn is teaching this amazing class! If you haven’t tried yoga yet, this is the perfect opportunity to get introduced to the practice! So get all zenned up and get over there!

Barkin Birthday! Barkin’ Dogs Shoe Co. is celebrating 10 YEARS! Can y’all believe it? Well honey Owner Vickie Hunt is pulling’ out all the stops all month LONG! First up y’all need to post your favorite pair of Barkin’ Dogs Shoes on the Barkin’ Dogs Shoe Co. Facebook and/or Instagram page for a chance to WIN BIG! Tag Barkin’ Dogs Shoe Co. and you must follow them on FB or Instagram to win! I’m talking’ a $200 shoppin’ spree! Whaaa! But that’s not all. On Saturday, Oct. 20 Barkin’ Dogs is hosting a Korkease and Borne Trunk Show! Those are my all time fave brands! Plus you’ll get a 15 percent discount off those brands!

Hot, hot, hot. Y’all don’t forget! Madison Main Street presents its famous Madison Chili Cook-Off event at Town Park this Saturday, Oct. 13! Ok so y’all come early! You can buy a tasting kit to sample all the chili and vote for Peoples Choice! There will also be live music and booths in the park! This is an amazing festival and is tons of fun! See you there!

Sweet Stop. In case you’ve been in a cave, honey Dunkin Donuts is now OPEN on Eatonton Road! Y’all get over there and check out all they have to offer!

Best Biz Buzz Buys! It’s my favorite time of the year y’all! Get on over to Antique Sweets located at 127 South Main Street in Madison and get some of their fabulishous apples! I’m talking apples carefully covered in caramel, chocolate, nuts! I’ve gotta get over there immediately!

The next Biz Buzz Buy can be found right smack next door at BB&G at 115 South Main Street in Madison! They are selling the most amazing lighted water lanterns for Christmas! They are not only beautiful but they are mesmerizing. The cool thing is that they run on batteries and there is a timer feature to schedule when it comes on and when it goes off! Now that’s a fabulous Christmas gift if there ever was one!

Hey and I wouldn’t be a Morgan County citizen if I didn’t include a homemade cookbook in the Best Biz Buzz Buys!  I’m talking about the Recipes and Remembrances – Season Everything with Love from the ladies at Gibbs Memorial Baptist Church! I picked up my copy at Gussies Flowers located at 136 West Jefferson St. in Madison for $10! Y’all get over there!

Ok y’all that’s it for the Buzz on Biz this week! Stop and be grateful y’all! We are so blessed to have so many unique, locally owned shops and restaurants in our county!  So shop local every ding dang day!

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