The Town of Buckhead Council Monday suggested that the minimum lot size for residential construction inside the town limits be raised to one acre, a few months after they had considered allowing three residential units per one acre lot.

The council, with member Richard Harris dissenting, agreed to keep its lot size to an acre and gave Morgan County Planning Director Chuck Jarrell the recommendation. Harris told the council that he would recommend a two residential per acre limit but Harris’s recommendation was overruled by the council.

The council also agreed to address potential development of a commercial lot at the intersection of Parks Mill Road and Seven Islands Road to include construction up to the city’s sidewalk with parking moved to the rear. “I would not advise having any parking on the street at that location,” said Jarrell. “We need to let anybody that wants to develop that know it needs to match the rest of the buildings,” council member John White said.

The town council also considered the idea that a developer would want the entire lot to possible raze buildings at the site, including the historic brick Town Hall that sits on the site. Town member John White suggested they try and force a developer to move the vacant Town Hall building to the city’s park. “We need to ask that they move it to the park and leave it there,” he said.

Buckhead Mayor Ricky Walker disagreed. “They can’t touch it. That’s town property,” he said. “If they want to make this one of the richest towns in Georgia we’ll talk.”

Throughout Monday’s work session, Walker reminded town council members to remember the vision when considering zoning changes and ordinance changes. “I want us to make sure that whatever we do we don’t shoot ourselves in the foot without someone else. You can’t pick and choose what you want to do. We’ve got to be careful with what we want to add.”

Jarrell said he hopes to have the council’s recommendations placed in ordinance form and to the council by June.

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