Boys & Girls Clubs of North Central Georgia recently recognized Mr. Brad Parr the 2021 Michael C. Conrads Professional of the Year award.

Parr first joined BGCNCG in 2015 as an Education Coordinator for Pete Nance Boys & Girls Club and later transitioned into the Club director position for PNC.

“Throughout his time at PNC, Parr showcased a world-class sensibility of how to show up for our youth in creative and bold ways,” Bob Mackey, President & CEO of BGCNCG.

Mr. Parr was named the Director of Operations for BGCNCG in March 2019. Since then, he has cultivated a rich Youth of the Year program and played significant roles in securing safety for Club youth during the pandemic.

“Throughout his years here with BGCNCG, Mr. Parr has changed lives, built new programming and remains determined to see that every youth has the opportunity to shine,” Mackey added. “During the beginning of the pandemic, Mr. Parr helped to organize a Safety Committee to implement and maintain response and reopening efforts for our Clubs.”

Mr. Mike Conrads, whom the award is named after, offers his praise of Parr.

“Brad Parr led our organization’s COVID-19 Response & Reopening efforts creating and executing our plan that got us open and serving kids quickly last summer and has kept those kids safe with zero cases of infection for our members at our Clubs. He was instrumental in the Barnesville/Lamar County Club’s first year of operation and the construction of the new Pete Nance facility in Greene County slated to open this June,” Conrads shared. “He continues to lead our Youth of the Year Program, a difficult challenge given COVID-19 restrictions requiring virtual meetings, yet these efforts are paying dividends with a win at the state level by Destiny. He shoulders all of these additional projects, responsibilities and challenges with a calm determination all the while ensuring BGCNCG’s day-to-day operations run smoothly.”

Conrads shared he is “honored by this named award and pleased to give the opportunity to present the 2021 Award to Mr. Parr at BGCNCG’s March Board Meeting.

For Parr the honor is humbling.

“Being named the 2021 Michael C. Conrads Professional of the Year is truly an honor because I have had the privilege of working alongside Mr. Conrads for 5 years and I have been able to learn many things from him as the years have gone by, “Parr shared. “I look forward to the future of BGCNCG because of having someone like Mr. Conrads be a part of our organization.”

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