The City of Bostwick is continuing efforts to force negligent homeowners to cleanup or raze property it deems an eyesore and a hazard.

At Monday’s regular meeting of the Bostwick City Council, the council heard a report from Morgan County Planning Director Chuck Jarrell that the county was delivering a roll off dumpster to a Bostwick Highway residence to be loaded by the resident.

Jarrell said the resident had until Friday to load the dumpster or the county would send workers to clean the property and charge the resident for the cleanup effort.

The council also directed Jarrell to begin looking at properties at Carter Street, Fairplay Street and Bostwick Highway. Jarrell also informed the council that two recreational vehicles had appeared back in the city limits that had already been warned of the city’s and county’s recreation vehicle ordinance forbidding recreational vehicles from being used as permanent residences.

Morgan County Board of Commissioner Ben Riden attended the meeting and told Jarrell that the use of recreational vehicles was rampant. “It’s not good,” he said. “We’ve got too many people abusing it.”

Bostwick Mayor John Bostwick said the city was continuing its efforts to remove hazardous structures and properties. Bostwick said the city was working to be even-handed in its efforts. “We’ve got to treat everybody the same way,” Bostwick said.

In other city business, the council unanimously approved a variance request from Traci Chaney for a variance to her front yard setback in order to construct a storage building. The property is located on Second Street. City Council Member Ken Johnson made a motion to approve the setback. Last month the Morgan County Planning Commission unanimously approved a recommendation to allow the variance. Johnson said Spring Street, which runs next to the property was unique in both its width covering and was more an alley than a road.

Mayor Bostwick agreed. “I completely agree. I don’t think that Spring Street is developable for two-way traffic. It’s a situation we’re not going to run into again.”

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