Morgan County deputies investigated a bizarre truck wreck and an incoherent man after a mother called authorities with concern that her son was in trouble.

According to Morgan County Sheriff’s Office reports, Kevin Tyler Harris, 44, Madison was eventually arrested after deputies found a truck allegedly driven by Harris upside down near the intersection of Davis Academy Road and Old Mill Road and later found Harris outside the front door of a house on Centennial Road, claiming that he had stabbed two people.

Reports state that at 1:43 a.m. on Thursday, Oct. 14, Morgan County Dispatch received a call from Harris’ mother stating she was concerned with her son’s safety after he called her and told her he “needed help.” While the mother was enroute from Social Circle to Harris’ Centennial Road residence, she then called dispatch and informed them that she found Harris’ 1997 Ford Ranger upside down at the intersection.

Reports state that deputies diverted to the wreck scene observed that the air bags on the truck had been deployed, the windshield had been broken, the passenger window was shattered and the steering wheel was bent.

The mother, reports state, attempted to call Harris several times and received no answer. Two deputies followed the mother to Harris’ Centennial Road address but did not locate Harris. The mother called another time and Harris answered and told her that he was in front of a “big white house” on Davis Academy Road.

The deputies began to search for Harris and eventually found him in front of a house in the 4000 block of Davis Academy Road. Reports state that Harris was holding up his phone so deputies could see the light emitted from the phone. When they approached, reports state, he dropped to his knees, placed his hands behind the back of his head and said, “I am in a submissive position.”

Reports state that deputies noted Harris had blood on his legs, knees, arms and had a swollen left hand. He allegedly told deputies he needed chocolate milk “to feel better because some people injected him with ether.” He also allegedly told deputies that he did not know the people who had injected him but “he stabbed them and one of them is possibly a kid. Harris allegedly told the deputies he had stabbed the people at his Centennial Road residence.

Deputies reported that Harris began yelling at his mother and he was told to cease so he would not disturb the people in the residence. Harris told officers he had attempted to seek help from the people in the house and he had knocked on the door and window and had broken the window.

A deputy knocked on the door but received no answer. The deputy also found a pocket knife and blood on the porch. A deputy drove to the house of each neighbor to check on their welfare based on Harris’ comments. One neighbor reported that they were fine and the second house was vacant.

Harris refused medical attention and was handcuffed and driven to the Morgan County Detention Center at approximately 4 a.m. while two deputies went to Harris’ residence to determine if anyone had been stabbed. At the residence they found drops of blood on a mattress, floor, cabinets, door, door knob and on the kitchen floor but no stabbing victims.

Harris was charged with criminal trespass, hit and run; duty of driver to stop at or return to the scene of an accident and failure to report accident.


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