The annual Bike Ride Across Georgia (BRAG) Spring Tune-Up drew hundreds of cyclists who camped out at Sunflower Farms in Rutledge for a weekend of riding, relaxation and recreation.

Cyclists traveled three different routes throughout Morgan County, riding along rural scenic roadways as well as Madison’s iconic historic district.

BRAG was founded 42 years ago and is a not-for-profit corporation dedicated to providing affordable, family-oriented bicycle tours in and across the state of Georgia.

“BRAG’s rides are just that — rides, not races — for young and old, beginners and experts, and everyone in between,” said a representative from BRAG. “On BRAG, cyclists discover Georgia on two wheels, proving a unique perspective on the state’s diverse landscape and small towns. As a fun fitness adventure, our riders also discover themselves in a new way. Just ask anyone holding one of BRAG’s coveted Century Ride bandannas what it’s like to ride 100 miles in a single day.

BRAG began in the 1980’s, where cyclists would start the 400-mile route in Savannah and end in Columbus a little over seven days later. The annual Spring-Tune Up event is a warm up for BRAG’s main event in June. This year, organizers urged participants to be mindful of the coronavirus pandemic and take proper precautions.

“The health and well-being of our riders, staff, volunteers, and partners is a priority for BRAG. We are committed to making decisions that align with this priority.⁠ We are committed to playing a constructive role to limit the spread of the virus,” said a statement from BRAG. “Based on information from the CDC, USA Cycling, and local authorities, we have compiled a list of participants facing policies and requirements to mitigate the risk of spreading the disease during the event. Please comply with all policies to ensure we keep everyone as safe as we can. Stay up-to-date with public health guidelines from”

The Spring Tune-Up festival allows cyclists to ride at their own pace throughout the day and then relax in the evening with food, music, games, and family-friendly activities.

“For Spring TuneUp, riders travel at their own pace along a set route which includes rest stops with refreshments. You may choose to ride as many or as few miles as you like ranging from 20-100 miles,” said a representative from BRAG.

BRAG continues to foster community with new routes each summer and a variety of fun events throughout the year. BRAG also provides a youth mentorship program.

“The BRAG Dream Team is a program focused on providing growth and learning experiences for youth through mentorship and cycling. The Dream Team provides mentorship to its program participants throughout the year. With the help and guidance of the coaches, program participants ride in all BRAG rides, broadening their horizons and providing a myriad of learning experiences they might not otherwise have a chance to experience,” explained a representative from BRAG.

To find out more information about BRAG, or to donate to further its mission, visit

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Seems like a great event. These cyclist need to know that there is a lot of automobile traffic on these roads. There needs to be more road signs to alert drivers of the many cyclists in the roadways, or may be some police present. These cyclist must understand we are not used to seeing this much bike traffic all over the roads.

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