A tragic accident in 2018 would spark an unyielding gratitude in funeral home owner Bernard Holston for local law enforcement agents and first responders.

After Eatonton Assistant Fire Chief Andy Harris was killed in a head-on collision en route to Holston’s location in Madison, the tragedy forever changed Holston’s appreciation for first responders. From that day forward, Holston has seized any opportunity available to honor the work of police, firefighters, and first-responders.

Last Friday, he orchestrated a barbecue-style luncheon for local public servants outside of Bernard’s Family Funeral Care in Madison.

Georgia State Patrol officers, Morgan County Sheriff deputies, Madison Police officers, and Madison and Morgan County firefighters all gathered together to share barbecue provided by Holston and his staff, cooked right on site.

“We do this in memory of Andy Harris,” said Holston standing beside tents of officers and first-responders eating a hot meal. “We will always be in support of our public servants. There is so much going on with police officers. They go through so much and we are honored that they serve us the way they do to keep us all safe. We wanted to take this opportunity to serve them. We want to give back to those who serve.”

Maurice Walker, who works for Bernard’s Family Funeral Care, praised local public servants for their dedication to the community.

“We want to give back and let our police officers, firefighters and first responders know that we appreciate all that they do and we are here if they need anything,” said Walker. “We cannot thank them enough for keeping the community in Morgan County safe, and the communities in surrounding counties safe.”

Walker also praised Holston for his generosity.

“He is just an excellent guy. He does anything he can to assist anyone in need. He donates generously and just believes in helping people,” said Walker.

About 25 police officers, firefighters and first responders attended Friday’s appreciation luncheon at Bernard’s Family Funeral Care.

“It’s a blessing to see these men and women be here today,” said Holston.

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