Folk artist Peter Loose and special education teacher Sandy Loose-Schrantz will be on hand at the MAGallery from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m. this Saturday, Nov. 27, signing books and sharing stories of their “celebrity pup,” Bongo, featured in their popular children’s book, “Bongo Has Many Friends.”

Bongo (1987–2005) was a rock star. Peter and Sandy were his biggest fans, and their love for him compelled them to write and illustrate a series of children’s books about Bongo and his adventures.

Badly mistreated as a puppy and abandoned on a roadside in Athens, Bongo found love and acceptance with Peter and Sandy, and was quickly living a life full of visits to countless schools, libraries, art galleries, and museums.

Bongo played his little piano at the North Georgia Folk Festival, was mascot of a jazz festival in South Carolina, a guest of the American Visionary Museum, and spent many hours (with Peter and Sandy helping, of course) raising money for homeless animals.

“Bongo Has Many Friends” is filled with colorful pictures created by acclaimed folk artist Peter Loose. The book stars Bongo meeting a variety of colorful and endearing barnyard and domesticated animals. Sandy Loose-Schrantz wrote the heartwarming story of how Bongo meets these animals, and in the process teaches young readers colors, numbers, and animal names.

“Bongo Has Many Friends” is carried at MAGallery throughout the year, but the Nov. 27 book signing offers the unique opportunity to meet the author and illustrator and to purchase a signed copy for holiday gift giving.

MAGallery is located at 125 W. Jefferson St., in downtown Madison. For more information about upcoming events, visit


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