Local restaurant franchisor Amici Food Group says 2021 will be a banner year for the company as two new franchisee locations come online over the next two months. In addition, the Monroe location is relocating to a newly-renovated building and the currently-closed Lake Oconee location will soon be re-opening under the corporate banner.

“It may seem somewhat counter-intuitive to be opening new locations and expanding old ones as we emerge from the pandemic,” says Amici Food Group CEO Mike Torino, “but if your organization is not reinventing itself to deal with these new realities, you are going the way of the dinosaurs, and virtually guaranteed to get the same outcome. We are moving forward at Amici.”

First up will be Amici at The Falls in Athens, which is moving into a space previously occupied by another restaurant. It is being opened by Barry Westbrook, who also owns and operates the Amici franchise located in downtown Athens.

“We’re really excited to be opening up here,” Westbrook says. “Especially now that the warm weather is bringing people back out again. There is an incredible view off the patio of the waterfalls – it’s just really come together and we couldn’t be more excited.”

Wrapping up May 2021 will bring the opening of an Amici franchise in Fayetteville, located within the Trilith development that includes the large movie production studios formerly known as Pinewood Studios. Amici Fayetteville will be operated by Jamie Oden and Scott Goodman.

Coming up in June, Amici Monroe will finish its relocation to their new location, which – like the hometown Madison Amici you know and love – will be located in a restored building, this time in an old cotton warehouse. Josh Gentrup, owner and operator of the Monroe franchise, feels the location has a lot to offer. “With a long bar perfect for watching the weekend game, both indoor and outdoor dining, this location has it all – and the ambience in here is really something,” he says.

Lastly, Amici Lake Oconee will be reopening its doors later in June as well. “We are so looking forward to bringing the fun and flavor of Amici back to the Lake,” says Stephanie Mason, regional operations manager at Amici Food Group, LLC. “Keep your eyes on our social media for announcements, and then tell all your friends!”

But according to Torino, there’s even more news to be made at Amici this year. His eyes are set on an even larger prize. “I don’t want to say too much this early, but if all goes according to plan we expect to have a location in our state’s great capital city of Atlanta,” he says. “Maybe even by year’s end.”

You can follow the developments at Amici by following their accounts at Facebook, Instagram, and others, as well as at their webpage, www.amici-cafe.com.

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