On March 27, a simple battery complaint was filed at a Micha Way location. According to reports, a 12-year-old girl told an officer that another 12-year-old girl had slapped her after the first girl went into her apartment for water. Reports state the victim was transported to Athens Regional Hospital. The second 12-year-old girl alleged to an officer that the victim had been spreading rumors regarding her interactions with a boy so she “slapped her with an open hand…”

On March 24, Sandrerica Orieon Vincent, 30, Athens, was arrested and charged with simple assault and interference with business of another. According to reports, officers were called to the Red Roof Inn, Eatonton Road, after an employee alleged that she had told one of the tenants at the motel they had to leave and the tenant allegedly became angry and threw items at the employee. The employee said that a candle, a plaque and a plastic display case were thrown at her. Officers found a broken candle, broken glass, a plaque and a plastic item along with a yellow fingernail at the office area of the motel. They also located Vincent sitting in a vehicle in the parking lot. As she was being detained, the officer noted that Vincent had long, yellow fingernails. Vincent allegedly told officers that she “let her anger get the best of her this morning.”

On March 2, a harassing communications report was filed at a Wildflower Way residence. According to reports, a man said his wife’s brother had been sending “nasty and vaguely threatening text messages” and phone calls. The man said when he finally answered one of the calls, the brother threatened to uncover family secrets and publish said secrets in some manner. The woman said she does not have a close relationship with her brother and last spoke with him in 2018.

On March 16, a battery complaint was filed at a Jackson Street location. According to reports, a woman said as she was driving a co-worker to their residence on Hayes Street, a gold Honda sedan crossed the center line and drove at her vehicle. The complainant said she had to stop to avoid a collision. She said a man exited the Honda and began calling her disparaging names and “all kinds of stuff.” She said the man then spat on her face. She said her co-worker friend then exited her vehicle and got into the Honda with the man. While at the scene, reports state, the co-worker began to text message the complainant in an attempt to arrange a fight between the complainant’s son and the driver of the Honda.

On March 28, Matthew Brooks Scarborough, 38, Buckhead, was arrested and charged with aggravated assault, battery, DUI and speeding. According to reports, deputies responded to a Holstein Road, Buckhead, residence in regards to a domestic dispute. At the residence, a man alleged that he told Scarborough to stop fighting with another man and that caused Scarborough to wrestle with the man and use his hands to choke the man while saying “Breath now, (expletive).” Morgan County deputies located Scarborough in a damaged van in the Walmart parking lot in Madison. During his arrest, Scarborough allegedly laid on his side while handcuffed and gave officers the bird while refusing to take a field sobriety test.


On April 1, an information report was filed at a River Woods Drive residence. According to reports, a woman said her neighbors had been harassing her frequently. The woman said a day earlier, she had called animal control on the neighbor’s dog because the dog was allegedly in her yard and growling at the complainant. The woman said the next day, the male neighbor came to her door and allegedly threatened her by saying, “If you don’t leave my wife alone I promise you won’t like what happens.” He also allegedly threatened her as he was leaving by stating that, “If you call animal control again on my dog your house might fall in.” He also allegedly made the motion of a house falling in with his hands to reiterate the point of a house falling in. The complainant also said there is currently a property line dispute between herself and the neighbors and on one occasion, the female neighbor came on her property and spray painted an “X” on the driveway next to the complainant’s house.

On March 31, a financial identity fraud complaint was filed at a Newborn Road residence. According to reports, a deputy was sent to the Valero Convenience store regarding a fake $100 bill. A store employee stated that a white female with a pony tail used the bill, which had “PROP MONEY” printed on the bill to purchase a Dr. Pepper and a pack of Pall Malls. After the woman received change, she then purchased lottery tickets. The woman was wearing a blue shirt, grey shorts, white socks and blue or black shoes. She also requested that the employee order more Pall Mall cigarettes.

On April 17, Pamela Jean Robinson, 50, Buckhead, was arrested in reference to an active Jackson County Probation warrant. According to reports, deputies arrived at Robinson’s residence to serve the warrant but were told by a male at the residence that he had not seen her for two months. Deputies requested a search of the residence and were allowed inside by the male. Reports state that Robinson’s small dog followed deputies into the back bedroom and went straight to Robinson, who was hiding under the bed.

On April 19, a criminal trespass complaint was filed at a Parks Mill Road residence. According to reports, a woman alleged that while she was in town, her right rear tire went flat. The woman said there were marks on the tires that made her suspect someone intentionally damaged the tire. The woman said the tire damage fit a pattern of unexplained events in her life including people trimming around her trees and entering her house and eating her food.


On May 23, William Ralph Snowden, 34, Madison, was arrested and charged with reckless conduct. According to reports, a man told deputies that he had observed Snowden walking around the woods behind his house with a spotlight and a gun and was firing rounds into the air. A second man told the deputy that this behavior was “an ongoing problem” and alleged that Snowden told him that he believed the red brake lights passing on Interstate 20 were lasers shooting at him. The second man said Snowden had been shooting towards Interstate 20. A deputy talked to Snowden who allegedly told the deputy he had been firing a weapon into the air. He showed the weapon to the deputy. It was a .270 caliber bolt action rifle. Snowden also alleged that the neighbors were using an electronic heat ray gun on him and he was protecting himself by wrapping his head in tin foil to help avoid the rays.


On June 2, a suspicious person complaint was filed at a Reid’s Ferry Road residence. According to reports, a man said his middle brother occasionally slapped him in the face, hit him in the chest and pushed him to the ground. The complainant said he could not remember the brother’s name. He was transported to Morgan Medical Center complaining of hip pain.

On June 17, a civil matter report was filed at a Greensboro Road residence. According to reports, a man alleged that his estranged wife had come into his residence and forced entry into his bedroom. The man alleged that the estranged wife took four or five old wrist watches, beard hair conditioner, loose change, a set of keys to the shed and her deceased father’s ashes. The man said the estranged wife has not stayed at the residence since January and still has items stored in his house.

On June 18, an information report was filed at McDonald’s, Eatonton Road. According to reports, a woman alleged that while she was waiting in line to order food a bee stung her on the right arm.


On July 2, Michael Ryan Morris, 32, Macon, was arrested for disorderly conduct and DUI. According to reports, a deputy responded to a suspicious person call on Hardeman Mill Road at midnight. When the deputy got to the gated residence, his entry was blocked by a red Dodge Avenger. The deputy activated the gate and walked to the residence and observed Morris standing with his hands on his head and yelling at the residence. When Morris observed the deputy, reports state, he allegedly raised his hands and told the deputy his hands were up. The deputy ordered Morris on the ground, placed him in detention in handcuffs and then walked him back to his patrol car. After he placed Morris in his patrol car, Morris allegedly told the deputy that he could see people putting blow up dolls into his vehicle “to incriminate him.” He explained to the deputy that the persons living in the residence were, in fact, a group of law enforcement officers who had kidnapped him earlier in the evening and then shot him up with drugs he believed to be acid. He said the officers then took him into the woods and gave him a head start because they planned to hunt and kill him. He said that three of the officers, however, decided he was good person and placed him in handcuffs and put him back in his vehicle to flee. He said, at that point, he had no choice but to drive under the influence. The officer said he searched Morris’ vehicle and found no contraband but did find a lice comb. During the search, the deputy was attacked by ants and was stung on his neck. The property owner told the deputy that he shucked pecans for a living and that his dogs had woken him and after he walked outside to see what was causing the noise, realized he had just locked himself out. He said he then observed Morris yelling to himself but, the man said, he could not make out what Morris was saying. Morris was transported to Morgan Medical Center for treatment and then taken to the Morgan County Detention Center.

On July 4, an information report was filed at the parking lot of the Morgan County Primary School. According to reports, a woman alleged that she had been followed by several drones while going about her “daily routines and routes.” The woman said she had seen up to four drones following her throughout the city. She said she broke her routine and walked to the school. She said the drone had left just prior to the officer’s arrival. She also told the officer that she was sure who was behind the surveillance but would not tell the officer a name. She also showed her a cellphone video she shot purportedly of a drone following her but, reports state, the video is “blurry and unrecognizable.”

On July 15, a disorderly conduct complaint was filed at a Turner Road residence. According to reports, a woman alleged that her estranged husband was watching the couple’s children while she was at work but became upset and demanded a pack of cigarettes as payment. He then told the woman he was going to leave the children and call law enforcement. The woman said she left work and when she arrived at the residence, the estranged husband ripped an air conditioner out of a window and busted the windshield on his 2005 Chrysler Pacifica with a metal rod. The man then left walking. The woman said she suspects the man might be on cocaine.


On Aug. 21, a criminal damage to property complaint was filed at a Bramblewood Drive residence. According to reports, a man said when he came home after he and a friend spent the day fishing and drinking, his wife told him to leave. The man said as he was packing some belongings to leave, the wife stabbed the rear tire of his vehicle. The wife told an officer that she was upset that the husband had been gone all day but after he began packing up to leave, she had second thoughts and stabbed the car to prevent him from driving away.


On Sept. 10, an information report was filed at a Cook Hill Road residence. According to reports, a man said while he was sitting in a field when someone “snuck up behind him and hit him on the head with a stick or a bat and knocked him out…” The man said the alleged attack occurred around 4 a.m. or 5 a.m. and when he awoke, he was missing $400. The man, reports state, “appeared intoxicated” and had a sack with two Bud Light beers. He had also defecated himself. The man told the officer that after he was struck he woke up with feces “all over him.” Emergency medical technicians arrived at the scene but could not find any apparent injuries on the man’s body. Relatives of the man arrived and aided him to a vehicle and then drove him to his residence.

On Sept. 13, a theft by taking complaint was filed at an Old Mill Road, Rutledge, residence. According to reports, a woman alleged that a neighbor woman had come over during the night and stolen her cat “Smokey.” The cat is described as a grey, 9-week-old kitten with white legs. The complainant alleged that the neighbor had placed cameras inside her residence to watch her and had once climbed a tree in order to take a picture of the complainant “smoking dope.” The complainant said she no longer takes any drugs and that episode of her life is now in her past. She also alleged that the neighbor has removed three previous cats and has killed all three. She also alleged that the neighbor’s house is filled with cat urine and cat feces. The complainant also alleged that “Smokey” has feline herpes and needs medicine. A deputy could not locate any cameras inside the residence and the woman said she had not located them at this time.


On Oct. 10, a sexual battery complaint was filed at Quality Inn, Eatonton Road. According to reports, a man told officers that he had been with a woman he had recently met from Kentucky at the motel and that both had been drinking. The man said during relations with the woman the woman began crying and alleged that both her brother and son were going to be killed by the mafia. The man said he recorded the woman’s statements and offered the officers the video. The man said when the woman realized he was recording her allegations she took the phone and threw it to the ground. Officers spoke to the woman who alleged that she had been raped by the man. Officers attempted to get the woman to a hospital for an examination but, reports state, the woman began taping the officers with her phone. She also requested a breathalyzer test because she claimed she was “too drunk to consent to sex.” The woman was transported by ambulance to Athens for a medical examination.

On Oct. 31, an information report was filed at a Morgan Drive, Buckhead residence. According to reports, a man alleged that while his 9-year-old son was at his grandmother’s house with his mother, another relative tased the child several times in the shoulder with a flashlight taser. The man also alleged that adults at the residence where “hyping” the son up to get tased.


On Nov. 3, a suspicious activity report was filed at an Orchard Grove, Micha Way residence. According to reports, a woman alleged that someone entered her apartment and moved her kitchen utensils and a humidifier. She also alleged that someone stopped her phone from working and that the phone was connected to her vehicle.

On Nov. 13, a warrant for aggravated assault was issued against Jamisha Samone Allen, 40, Madison. According to reports, Allen allegedly drove her 14-year-old daughter to a Garnett Street residence in order to engage in combat with a 16-year-old female. When officers arrived more than 20 people were outside the residence “screaming and cussing at each other.” At some point during the altercation, reports state, Allen allegedly retrieved a baseball bat and began threatening the complainant and her child with the bat. A person in the crowd allegedly captured the threats on video and presented the video to police.

On Nov. 15, an information report was filed at Kentucky Fried Chicken, Eatonton Road. According to reports, an officer responded to a panic alarm at the restaurant. An employee alleged that a customer had become irate and refused to leave the drive through lane. Reports state that an officer spoke to a woman who said that she had ordered meals that were supposed to include chicken wings. The woman said that after she had paid for the meals the cashier told her that there would be an 11 minute wait on the chicken wings. The woman said she requested that the chicken wings be replaced with an alternate cut of chicken but was told that alternate pieces would be more expensive. The woman said she refused to pay a higher amount and the cashier attempted to give her money back but the woman demanded food. She then alleged that the cashier threw a $20 bill and racial slurs at her and the woman demanded that charges be filed. An officer asked the woman’s husband, who was in the car, if he, too wanted to press charges but that man, reports state, appeared hesitant until the woman said, “Oh, he’s filing charges!” The KFC employee told the officer that she had appraised the woman of the wait time on the chicken wings prior to taking the couple’s money. She alleged that the woman asked for the wings to be replaced with chicken breasts and when told of the price difference the woman allegedly became “irate” and “began screaming and fussing.” The employee said the man, after he had received the couple’s money back, attempted to drive away but was ordered by the woman “not to move the vehicle.” The employee wanted to counter the woman’s charges with a charge of defamation of character.

On Nov. 20, Walter Joseph Johnson, 39, Madison, was arrested and charged with disorderly conduct. According to reports, a deputy was dispatched to a Seven Islands Road residence in regards to a damage to property complaint. When the deputy arrived, a man said he and Johnson had been at a cousin’s house playing video games when the complainant made a disparaging remark regarding the functionality of the video game controllers. That remark, reports state, sparked both a verbal and physical confrontation between Johnson and the cousin that resulted in the cousin fetching a hunting rifle and allegedly forcing the men out at gunpoint. The fight continued in the yard and, the complainant alleged, the cousin’s rifle scratched his vehicle during the fight. The cousin told the deputy he had, in fact, determined that a firearm was needed for both safety and persuasion after his house had been “disrespected” but he had not pointed the weapon at anyone. He said he may have scratched the vehicle during the fight but couldn’t remember. Reports state that Johnson was standing in the front yard of the cousin’s house “screaming at the top of his lungs” at the cousin. The deputy reportedly told Johnson several times to lower his voice but Johnson disregarded the command and was arrested.


On Dec. 7, a missing person complaint was filed at a Callaway Street, Bostwick, residence. According to reports, a man stated his wife had been missing since Sunday, Nov. 28. The man said for the past six months the wife had befriended a person from the Athens area and had been going to Athens and staying for five or six days at a time before coming home and sleeping for two or three days. The man also said he had been contacted by an Athens detective regarding his Chrysler 300 being involved in a shooting. The man also said his wife had been recently stopped in Athens by authorities who found crack cocaine in the vehicle. However, the wife allegedly told the man that the suspected cocaine did not belong to her and must have belonged to someone riding in the Chrysler. The man said he was concerned because typically the woman is only gone for five days but it has been nine days since he has had contact with her.


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