Tremon Moore gets up after an 8-yard carry for a first down. Photo by Nick Nunn

Tremon Moore gets up after an 8-yard carry for a first down. Photo by Nick Nunn

By Nick Nunn, Staff Writer

The Morgan County Middle School (MCMS) Bulldogs shut out Greene County’s Carson Middle School Tigers 20-0 during Greene’s Football Jamboree last Saturday, Aug. 24.

The Tigers won the coin toss before the game but deferred to Morgan County, who decided to receive the opening kickoff. That decision earned the Bulldogs their first touchdown of the night, as Tremon Moore was able to return the kickoff more than 80 yards for a touchdown.

The rules of the preseason game forced both teams to try for two-point conversions after touchdowns, and Morgan County made their first with a short carry by Kevin Berisko.

With only 15 seconds elapsed in the first quarter, the Bulldogs were ahead 8-0.

“Y’all are scared,” shouted the Tigers’ coach from the sidelines at his team; a shout that would be repeated more than once during the night.

Greene County only advanced 18 yards before being forced to punt the ball back to Morgan County, who began their next drive on their own 23-yard line.

Neither the Bulldogs nor the Tigers were able to score during their next drives, but, as the buzzer split the first and second quarters, the Dogs were facing a fourth down with four yards to go at the 49-yard line.

The Dogs gambled on taking a shot at converting the fourth down, and the gamble paid off; after making the first down with a five-yard advance, Demacion Normon took the ball 44 yards on the next play to give the Bulldogs their second touchdown of the night.

Morgan County wasn’t able to make their second attempt at a two-point conversion, however, but the Dogs were still in the lead 14-0.

The Bulldog defense got a chance to flex its muscle during the next Tiger offensive, pushing Greene County back 31 yards from a first down before the Tigers punted the ball away.

Both teams moved back and forth without scoring during the remainder of the quarter, but the Dogs were able to convert another fourth down, this time, with an 8-yard carry by Moore.

The Tigers received the ball to begin the second half, but an unsuccessful punt on the fourth play of the drive gave Morgan County the ball at their own 49-yard line.

The Dogs were able to string together an 8-play drive into the end zone, but, again they failed to make the two-point conversion, staying ahead 20-0 with less than a minute left in the third quarter.

Fumbles played a large role in the fourth quarter. The Tigers’ first drive in the fourth ended with Morgan County recovering a fumbled ball, and the Dogs fumbled during three plays during their next drive but fought the ball back each time.

On the first play of what would be the Tigers’ last drive, Anderson Wells picked off a pass attempt, and Morgan County was able to retain the ball for the remaining minutes of the game.

The MCMS Bulldogs play their next game against Carver Middle School at home on September 4, beginning at 4:30 p.m.

Next up The MCMS Bulldogs play their next game against Carver Middle School at home on Sept. 4, beginning at 4:30 p.m.

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